10 Best Amazon Home Decor Products Under $20

I don’t know about you but I probably hit the Amazon prime app a good 5 times a day. It’s like a bottomless pit of hidden gems. Whether you’re looking for home decor, cosmetics, a good book, a smart tv, or a specific screw driver, there is nothing you won’t find! Shoutout to Jeff Bezos, though he’s taken way too much of my money.

Home decor is especially unique on Amazon because of the wide variety of brands, products, and stock. If you would have told me you bought your bed from Amazon a couple years back, I would have probably giggled and thought you were taking the cheap way out. Not anymore!! I now rely on Amazon for almost everything, including decor. It’s usually the first place I’ll check.

I’ve listed below my 10 under $20 favorites from Amazon’s home decor section – I hope you’ll love them! As always, if there is something particular you are on the hunt for, you can always shoot me an email at the email in my about page. I am happy to help. 🙂 

Photo taken from Amazon's website

1. An Invisible Floating Shelf

For only $15, you can install a floating shelf (or a set of 3) in your choice of color and size! These are awesome for both storage and decor purposes.

Photo taken from Amazon's website

2. Wooden Hooks

Whether you’re hanging towels, coats, or hats, these wooden hooks will add style to your home and protect all of your accessories.

Photo taken from Amazon's website

3. Artificial Lillies

If decorating with flowers is your thing, these stunning artificial lilies will bring color and comfort into your home.

Photo taken from Amazon's website

4. Amber Round Glass Jars

High quality, attractive jars that can be used to store lotions, creams, foods, cotton balls, etc. It’s up to you what you decide to store in these bad boys.

Photo taken from Amazon's website

5. Reed Diffusers (Set of 3)

There’s nothing more welcoming than a home that smells delicious! Enter a fragrance journey with these three delicious scents (jasmine and mint, gardenia, and freesia) or buy as gift for your loved one! 

Photo taken from Amazon's website

6. Citronella Candle

Who kept the bugs out? Yep, this citronella candles did. Not only does it burn for up to 25-30 hours, it does so without smoke! And yes, it’s made with real citronella oil. 

Photo taken from Amazon's website

7. Kitchen Dishcloths

Yes, part of having a trendy home means you have to pay attention to detail. These colorful dishcloths will either mesh with the color schemes you already have going on in your kitchen or bring out that pop of color your kitchen needs! Either way, they’re adorable AND affordable.

Photo taken from Amazon's website

8. Wooden Trays

Perfect for all your breakfast in bed needs, bath tub needs, morning coffee on the couch needs, etc. The list of stuff you can fit onto these multi sized trays is endless! And they’re chic too. 

Photo taken from Amazon's website

9. Wooden Chain Link

Have a bunch of stacked coffee table books that could use an extra something? How about a centerpiece for your dining table? This wooden chain link adds a classy and light touch to any space. AND it looks expensive! 

Photo taken from Amazon's website

10. Match Holder

A cute and easily accessible way to store your matches.

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