10 DIY Home Decor Ideas That Are Budget Friendly

We all know how expensive it is to decorate a brand new house/apartment. Once you’ve checked off your essential items: the couch, the bed, the dinner table, etc., you realize you’re halfway through your budget and there is still so much left to buy! On top of that, the little things actually cost a ton. And not everyone has the means to spends thousands of dollars on decor which is why they’re going to take a different approach and do it themselves! Here are a few DIY home decor ideas that’ll hopefully inspire you to get building while also saving you thousands of dollars:

1. Book side table

Why spend hundreds of dollars on a side table if you could just build one out of used books instead?

2. Reversible placemats made from your favorite fabric

Why spend money on placemats if you could make your own reversible ones out of fabrics you get to choose for a fraction of the price?

3.Rose decor lamp & lantern

Don’t even get me started with how much lamps cost….and how much more they cost if they have a design….Do yourself a favor and do it yourself! You’ll save tons of $$ and get a very similar outcome.

4.Lighting ideas

Lighting is one of the most important elements of a home, but also one of the most costly elements of a home. Don’t spend your entire budget on lighting, build a few lamps on your own instead & save tons of $$!

5.Dip-dyed napkins

These napkins are so easy to make and will add style to your dinnerware for a fraction of the cost, had you went and bought them at a store.

6.Faux concrete walls

Concrete walls are one hell of an expense. Save the money and do it yourself with this 44 second video!

7. Make your own candles

We all know how pricy candles can get. We also know how good of a gift candles are. Save yourself some money & make someone’s day by making your own candles / gifting them to your friends.

8. Make your own soap

Although soap is not the most costly of items, you cannot find soaps in the grocery store like the ones in the video above. Therefore, it comes down to how much you care or not… but these soaps will definitely impress your guests!

9. Faux marble counter top

Nothing beats the price of real marble countertops…and the maintenance that comes with it. Save yourself thousands and create your own faux marble countertops with this quick and easy 1 minute video!

10. Display dinnerware

Photo taken from House Beautiful’s Pinterest

And what is more visually appealing than displayed dinnerware? Perhaps you should ask your guests! But more importantly, you should build it yourself so you can save tons of money & space while also adding decor & style to your dining room! Click the picture to get started.

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