8 Amazon Valentine's Day Gifts that Double as Home Décor

As the most romantic day of the year approaches, the search for the best gift is on. Will you leave behind your usual store bought gift for a thoughtful gift? Will you shift to extravagance? With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to settle on just one. But what if one gift could double as two? 


Choosing home decor can be to your benefit and here’s why. If you didn’t already know, the way we decorate our home affects all aspects of our lives. Because we spend the most time in our homes, we must surround ourselves with the things that we love, but also the things that motivate and inspire us. As Winston Churchill once said,

"We shape our homes and then our homes shape us."

Because the decor we choose has the power to affect our mood, a gift from our lover will always be a reason to smile and a blissful reminder of Valentine’s day 2022. 

So without further ado, here are the 10 best home decor Valentine’s day gifts. 

1. Flowers, duh!

Flowers and Valentine’s day go hand in hand. Since flowers are a Valentines day staple, it’s best you pick artificial ones that will last longer, smell better, and make for the perfect shelf decor, book stack decor, or stand alone decor. I’ve listed a few options below. 

2. Heart Shaped LED Candles

Photo taken from Amazon's Website

Glitter, hearts, flames, and a whole lot of love! These LED candles are the perfect centerpiece for any table, or the perfect shelf/book stack decor piece. I’ve listed them below. If you want something sceneted, I’ve also linked some options below.

3. Personalized Coffee Table Book

Photo taken from Amazon's Website

Not only will this book always bring fond memories, but it’ll also make for a stunning stack onto his/her coffee table or book shelf. Oh and, most importantly, the pages are blank! To all my hopeless romantics, this is the perfect opportunity to do what you do best: write a love letter to your person.

4. Rose Picture Frame

Photo taken from Amazon's Website

Pick out your favorite photo of the two of you, get it printed, buy this frame, and voila! She/he now has a picture frame they can place on their night stand, shelf, or bathroom! 

5. Mini Heart Shaped Mirror

Photo taken from Amazon's Website

If you know the slightest thing about design, you know that mirrors help to make a space feel larger and help to add more light to a room. This is the perfect mini mirror to hang up on a wall or in your bathroom. It being pink and heart shaped is just a plus!

6. Heart Shaped Jewelry Box

Photo taken from Amazon's Website

We all need a place to store our jewels, and better yet, if not already, our engagement rings! 😉 

7. Heart Shaped Coasters

Photo taken from Amazon's Website

The most loving coasters there ever was!

8. Hello Gorgeous Light Sign

Photo taken from Amazon's Website

We all know someone who is obsessed with light signs. If that person is your partner, say less and shop below.

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