As you evolve, so does your home. If you’re not sure what I mean by this, just think of your design/decor style 10 years ago. Boy have things changed! And maybe today you just need a new throw pillow, but in 6 months from today, you’ll realize you bought much more than a throw pillow & your living room has changed quite a bit. That’s because we’re the biggest consumers & we constantly feel like we need new & better. But new and better doesn’t always mean spending thousands of dollars. Sometimes you find gems in places you least expect them…like Amazon! Your options are not limited when shopping on Amazon, but the lack of limit can be overwhelming. Therefore, I decided I’d post 12 of my favorite home decor gems I found and love from Amazon to narrow things down for you!

Faux sheepskin chair cover

Photo taken from Amazon website

Want to add some spice to a bland chair? Need an extra area rug? Get a sheepskin chair cover. They’re soft, cozy, & affordable!

Soft Faux Sheepskin – $19.89

Vintage decorative tray

Photo taken from Amazon website

If you need a tray for your coffee table, or a tray just to hold things  (jewelry, pens, makeup, skin care), make sure it’s vintage! It’ll add style to any room & it won’t cost you a hefty sum even though it looks like it did.

Schonee Oval Vintage Decorative Mirror Tray – $16.58

Vintage jewelry box

Photo taken from Amazon website

Your jewelry should be kept in a beautiful box & here’s why: First, the box is a great decor piece & will add style/color to the room it’s placed in. Second, it’s inexpensive and looks incredibly expensive.

Feyarl Tiny Vintage Rectangle Blue Jewelry Box – $17.90

Gold hand book marks

Photo taken from Amazon website

If you read a lot of books & like to display them as decor, these book marks will do the trick at a very affordable price!

Contemporary Accent Book Shelf Decor – See all buying options

Kelly accent chair

Photo taken from Amazon website

I know this chair isn’t as cheap as the items I’ve mentioned above but it looks like the original chair that usually goes for thousands of dollars. This chair is super cozy & minimal. It can act as the accent chair in the room or you can buy two & place them in the center of your living room. It’s completely up to you, but the chair is very attractive & comfortable!

Kelly Accent Chair, Light Brown – $339.99

Cotton Rope Woven Storage Baskets

Photo taken from Amazon website

I use this as my laundry hamper. It’s super cute & neutral, holds a lot of clothes & takes up minimal space. Did I mention it’s only $27?!

16″ x 18″ Extra Large Storage Basket – $27.69

Fake flowers

Photo taken from Amazon website

Fresh flowers are nice and all….till they rot. Fake flowers on the other hand last you quite a while! They also come in many varieties at very affordable prices.

Artificial Orchids Flowers – $22.99
More fake flowers – Prices vary

Colored stemless wine glass set

Photo taken from Amazon website

Though they’re labeled as wine glasses, they’re cocktail glasses too! The set comes with 4 glasses in colors red, blue, yellow & green. They’re stylish and affordable!

Colored Stemless Wine Glasses – $26.99

Mini LED lamps

Photo taken from Amazon website

You can always use more light! Especially for those little corners that are difficult to install light in. These mini led lights have two light settings (cool & warm) & have a battery life up to 6 hrs.

 Mini Lamp LED – $29.90

Mini balloon dog sculpture

Photo taken from Amazon website

For just $32, you can get a replica of the Jeff Koons dog sculpture! It comes in different colors & adds a touch of color and style to any room!

Balloon Dog – Small – Rose Gold – $34.95

Color changing moon lamp

Photo taken from Amazon website

A mini lamp that doubles as a decor & changes colors! Did I mention it’s only $29?!

Moon Lamp – $29.99

Portable bluetooth vintage speaker

Photo taken from Amazon website

It’s not the highest quality speaker, but it makes for a great decor piece and it’s only $18.89!

Wireless Retro Speakers – $18.89

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