12 Tips On How To Create A Minimalist Bedroom

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When it comes to minimalism, less is more. Put in other words, minimalism is about keeping your space uncluttered, simple, and functional. When it comes to the color schemes, monochromatic colors are the most fitting. Monochromatic color schemes are those of different tones from the same hue on the color wheel. Colors that don’t fall under the monochromatic color scheme are usually considered the accent piece in the room. Loads of natural light, a good floor-plan/space, and simple line furnishing are your goal here. To successfully achieve the minimalist look, follow the 12 tips below:

1. De-clutter

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The first step to creating a minimalist bedroom is to get rid of everything that no longer serves you! Go through your bedroom and closet, corner by corner, and start throwing away the things that don’t excite you. This goes for photos, wall art, décor pieces, collectable items, etc. Remember that you’re doing this so that you can make room for the things that really matter to you!

2. Simplify – but don’t over simplify

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Now that you’ve de-cluttered, it’s time to simplify. Do one last check around your room to make sure you’ve gotten rid of the things you no longer need/use. Now, think about how you’re going to re-organize what your left with. Maybe you’ll color coordinate your closet, maybe you’ll need to buy a few more things. But whatever you do, do not over simplify. Because your bedroom is a room you spend a lot of time in, you don’t want to make it look depressing. It should still be cozy, functional, and welcoming.

3. Form and Materials

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Think about it like this: your materials should be used to create your form. The most important thing is that your walls, windows and floors line up so that your materials can then create connections with the rest of the lines in the room.

4. The wall color

Photo taken from Pinterest – From an article from Field and Nest

If your walls are some super bright or pastel color, change them to a nude-like color. This will make the space seem and feel bigger and brighter.

5. Picking your bed-frame / bed sheets

Photo taken from @Behance’s and @Burkedecor’s Pinterest

Your bed is essentially the center of attention in your bedroom. Whether you decide to have a bed frame or not is completely up to you. If you do choose one, I would recommend choosing a simple one. I’ve attached some of my favorites below. As for the sheets, neutral tones are highly recommended (light greys, light beiges, creams, off whites.) Because you’re going for the minimalist look, you’ll want to avoid patterns and vibrant colors.

Ophelia bed
The Floyd Platform Bed
Rio King Bed
Simple wood bed base full
Movement Dawn view Upholstered Standard Bed
Drommen Acacia wood full bed

6. Natural light / Curtains

Photo taken from @Etsy’s Pinterest

Natural light is a huge component of a minimalist room. Because a minimalist room is simple, lighting accentuates every piece. I personally would not add curtains to my windows. But for those who absolutely need curtains, I recommend sheer neutral toned curtains or thick neutral toned drapes. (It all depends on how much sun light affects your sleep)

Minimalist curtain ideas

7. Artwork

Photo taken from @Parachute’s Pinterest

Selecting a single but meaningful piece of art will add to your minimalism aesthetic. I say a single piece because it will be the highlight of your room, after your bed. You should put nothing else on your walls except for this art piece. Placing the art piece above your bed is what experts recommend. However, you are free to get creative with this one depending on how tall and wide your walls are, how spaced out they are from your bed, and how many walls you have in your room.

Minimalist art ideas

8. Accent Piece

Photo taken from Marie Kondo’s website

Accent pieces are supposed to stand out and grab your attention. They can be used to complement the décor or to add contrast to a space that needs a little pop! Whether its plants, a side table, a unique candle, a unique vase, a unique chair, a vibrant throw blanket, etc., it’s completely up to you. We’ve written a post on accent pieces and plants which I’ve attached here and here in case you need some inspo!

9. Shelf

Photo taken from @DanishDesignStore’s (left), @Lulu&Georgia’s (middle), @ElsaHosk’s (right) Pinterest

Adding a shelf is a personal choice, and one that will change the look of the room entirely! If you’re someone who loves to look at your picture memories, placing the pictures on a shelf could be ideal for you. If you’re someone who loves books and wants a book shelf, you can accommodate one and make it your accent piece too! Depending on your preferences, you can color coordinate it. I personally prefer symmetry so I would get two shelves instead of one but this isn’t necessarily recommended.

Minimalist shelf ideas

10. Drawers

Photo taken from Macy’s Website

If you need your drawers, stick to just one set of them. Make sure they are a neutral tone and keep them as far away from your bed as possible.

Minimalist drawer ideas

11. Night Stands

Photo taken from BedThreads website

Your goal when looking for night stands is to make sure they are simple and go with the color scheme in the room. These are of course a personal choice, you don’t need night stands.  

Minimalist night stand ideas

12. Lamps

Photo taken from Etsy’s Pinterest

You need lamps for when the sun goes down, duh! We’ve done a post on lamps and I’ve attached it here for your convenience. In case you need even more inspo, I’ve attached a link below.

Minimalist lamp ideas

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