16 best gifts for the host/hostess - 2021

Having guests over is always a good time. But having guests over who don’t come empty handed are an even better time! Showing up with a gift is a great and easy way to show your appreciation to the person hosting. Besides that, it’ll make them remember you which will most likely earn you future invites. But what do you do when you’re tired of bringing the same bottle of wine and can’t think of a different gift? Worry no more, as I’m here to help with just that. Listed below are what I personally think are great gifts for the host. From kitchen accessories, to card games & everything in between, these gift ideas will have you covered for the next social gathering you are invited to.

Versaille Playing Card Set by Jonathan Adler

Photo taken from Jonathan Adler's website

Whether you’re having a game night or not, it’s always nice to have a fresh deck of cards at home. AND these cards also happen to double as home decor, for as cheap as $35. Isn’t that equivalent to that wine bottle you were going to buy anyways?

Mini Popcorn Machine

Photo taken from Amazon's website

Enhance movie nights with this adorable mini popcorn machine! It’s mess-free, affordable and small enough to keep on your counter!

Cutting Board With Colored Mats

Photo taken from Amazon's website

If they’re hosting, it’s probably because they’ve done it before and enjoy doing it. Make their hosting experience easier with this bamboo cutting board that comes with colored mats to make prepping easy.

Ice Cubes That Won’t Water Down Your Drink

Photo taken from Amazon's website

This is an especially good gift if the host is a whiskey drinker, but will satisfy any anyone who drinks as well. These cubes chill your drink but do not water it down. For just $9.96, you’ll never drink a watered down drink again. 

Electric Wine Opener

Photo taken from Amazon's website

When we want a glass of wine, we want it now. Though we are hardly inconvenienced with spending a minute or two opening the bottle, we can be even less inconvenienced. This electric wine opener will open your bottle of wine in seconds at the touch of a button. Your host needs that, but you might just need it too!

Box of Chocolates

Photo taken from Amazon website

You can never go wrong with a box of chocolates and unless you’re allergic to chocolate or on a diet, I don’t know how a box of chocolates would not excite you!

Flowers - Real or Faux

Photo taken from Amazon's website

Another gift you can’t go wrong with are flowers. Flowers are a great way to share your appreciation for your host/hostess. Although real ones will smell fresher, faux ones will smell almost just as good and last you for as long as a year. The choice is yours. Adding a vase if you’re getting real flowers would also be a nice finishing touch!

Electric Bag Sealer

This ones random…I know. But listen up. I don’t know about you but I am sick and tired of clipping all my bags, just to run out of clips or to find that the clips were not clipped on tight enough to keep my food from getting stale. This bag sealer seals any bag in seconds & keeps your food fresh for longer. Did I mention it’s only $10?


Photo taken from Amazon's website

You already know the host/hostess is getting the scents in their home together prior to your arrival. Why not help them out and buy them a diffuser? Most diffusers can run up to 6 hours, change colors and keep your home smelling delicious all night long!


Photo taken from Amazon's website

Depending on whether your host enjoys cooking or not, a cook book can still make for a great home decor piece. Whether they choose to place it in their kitchen or on their coffee table, their options are not limited. Aaaand the variety of cookbooks that exist are endless! Whether they prefer baking to cooking, there is a book for it all. I have listed a few options below.


Photo taken from Z Gallerie's website

If you’re sick and tired of always showing up with a bottle of wine, show up with a decanter instead! Even if you’re not a frequent wine drinker, decanters are a great decor piece. Plus you can get a really cool and creative one. I have listed one below.

Monogrammed Coasters

Photo taken from Amazon's website

Personalized gifts are extra special. They show your appreciation to the next level because it’s specifically made for you. Plus, if they’re hosting, they’re probably having other people over & could definitely use some extra coasters.

Coffee Table Book

You can never have enough coffee table books! Luckily for you, we wrote a post on the 50 best coffee table books, which I’ve attached here. Show up with one and watch the host light up.

Little Succulent Plants

Photo taken from Amazon's website

We all have that one friend who’s obsessed with plants. If that so happens to be the host, stock them up with this variety of succulents. It’ll make for a great decor piece & air purifier!

Cotton Cocktail Napkins

Photo taken from Amazon's website

For the sustainable host who loves to have happy hour at theirs. These cotton napkins are reusable, stylish, & sustainable!

Acrylic Chess Board

This is a pricier gift and one I would recommend gifting to the hostess with the mostest. Aka the host that’s hosting at least once a week. Because it’s acrylic, it’ll make for a great home decor piece and for an awesome game night!

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