23 Coolest Ashtrays to Light Up Your Home

It’s time to spark up! To all my fellow smokers and tokers, ashtrays are not only essential to our repertoire but are also extremely fun to collect and decorate with. If you’re not a smoker, ashtrays can always double as decor or keep one around for guests that need to take a quick smoke break.

As a smoker myself, I love when I go over people’s homes and find their ashtrays. I have found that most have a story; either they are handed down, vintage, or so cool that I can stare forever. Ashtrays are a great way of showing off your personality in a very lowkey fashion. There are millions of ashtrays to choose from in every style and form imaginable. So come on, take a seat, grab your lighter, and let’s get high on home decor (;

Want to impress your guests for real? Whip out your smoke of choice and ash on the coolest ashtray they have ever seen.

Stolen Girlfriends Club Black Scorpion Heart Ashtray

EDEN POWER CORP Grey Jeune Tom Edition Harkonnen Spiked Ashtray

Danese Milano Cubo Ashtray

CASACARTA Leaf Trinket Tray

ROBERTO CAVALLI Crocodile Ashtray Notch

FORNASETTI Tema e Variazioni Ashtray - No. 81

Concrete Rolling Tray and Ashtray Set

Vintage Chunky Glass Square Aqua Ashtray

Vintage Camel Ashtray

Trippy Ashtray

Creative Ashtray Resin Mold

Seguso Mid-Century Modern Sommerso Green and Yellow Murano Glass Ashtray 1970

YSL Tsubota Earl Pocket Ashtray

Alessi Bauhaus Ashtray

Two-Finger Cigar Ashtray

Carrara Home Design Living White Carrara Marble Ashtray

Morici Roma Orange Ashtray

1970s Mid Century Hand Carved Onyx Ashtray

Hashish Petite Tray Set

Atlas Petite Tray Set

Full Dose Valet Tray

Nude Glass Altruist Modern Classic Black Crystal Ashtray

Halcyon Days Magnificent Wildlife Ashtray - Palm

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