25 Trending Throw Blankets of 2021

This year’s best accent throw blankets that prove that you don’t need to sacrifice style for comfort. 

The secret to making a home look fantastic is how you subtly make it your own. When it comes to designing your home, the best way to add in bits of your personality is through accent pieces. Accent pieces add drama to a space with color, definition, and textures. There are several different types of accent pieces out there, but today we’re going to look at accent throws specifically. 

Taken from our living room

Throw blankets are one of my favorite ways to decorate the home. I currently keep a wicker basket next to our couch with 4-5 throw blankets. I do this so that when I have guests over, they get to chose a piece that relates/excites them the most. If there is a day that I am feeling extra funky, I add in my most colorful throw on top of the couch, and boom, we have color. If I am leaning towards comfort or feeling less than bright, I will probably lean for the faux throw over the colorful. And the same way of thinking applies to the rest of my varied throws, all functioning off my mood and what I want my place to look and feel like that day.

When you’re shopping for throw blankets, some things to consider include material, size, warmth, and color. Take a good look at your room, and then decide how you want to make it feel most like you. This is probably the most fun part of interior design! There are way too many unique throw options out there not to find one that feels like you in blanket form. 

Viso Tapestry Blanket V38 $220

Ezcaray Lisos Mohair Throw $325

8/3/17 Ref 343. Mantas Ezcaray, Ezcaray, La Rioja, Spain. Photo by James Sturcke | sturcke.org

Ezcaray Mia Throw $249 

6/3/17 Mia Ref MI-27. Mantas Ezcaray, Ezcaray, La Rioja, Spain. Photo by James Sturcke | sturcke.org

Ezcaray Picasso Throw $225

CB2 Grey Faux Fur Throw $169

Schoolhouse Tangerine Fringed Throw 

Schoolhouse Cotton Pinstripe Blanket $169

Faribault Trapper Wool Throw $150

Williams Sonoma Home Chain Link Patterned Jacquard Cashmere Throw $299

Williams Sonoma Home Rose Solid Cashmere Throw $279

Ferm Living Vista Off White Blanket $179

Zara Home Lightweight Check Blanket $69

Zara Home Wool Blanket $100

Crate & Barrel Loren Dark Ivy Throw $60

Jayson Home Moroccan Wedding Blanket $850

Safavieh Home Lonny Green Throw $36

AMRO Organic Cotton Throw $219

Missoni Home Perseo Zig Zag Throw $634

Tekla Tartan-Check Wool Blanket $460

Hay Colour Plaid No. 7 Throw $250

TOV Afrino Wool Throw $40

Belle Epoque Chocolate Mohair Throw $190

Montague and Capulet Montague & Capulet Raccoon Mocha Oversized Faux Fur Throw $300

Joliza Sylvana Throw $150

Safavieh Hailey Gingham Throw $43

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