The 35 Things You Didn’t Know You Absolutely Needed Until You Needed Them

Nothing is more frustrating than not having what you need at the moment. That’s why I am here: to give you a list of all the essential items you rarely think to buy but often need on hand and at home. 

After moving a few times, I have realized that it’s better to spend a little bit more  on supplies that you don’t necessarily need but eventually will in the future. Having these items has saved me so much time, energy, and money. If you’re ready to be ready at all times, it’s time to start shopping!

This list has THE top, most essential items that are easily forgotten but always needed. It has been reviewed by several moms and passed the test. So it’s safe to say you need to buy these if you don’t already have them at home.

A Sewing Kit

You never think you need a sewing kit until your jeans rip…

Adjustive Hem Tape Strips

Easy wardrobe solutions such as replacing a lost button, fixing your hem, or closing a gap in a loose blouse can all be solved with these strips.

Safety Pins

We need anything with the word Safe in it.

Lighters / Matches

You never know when the mood needs to be set, when the bathroom needs to smell better, or when the BBQ won’t turn on.

Hammers & Screws

If you ever want to hang something or assemble some furniture, you’re going to need these.


A must-have for anyone who has clothes.

Critter Catcher

Imagine having to kill the flying roach with your own hands…

Paper & Pen

There will always be something you need to quickly write down.

Reusable Tote Bags

Because they now charge you for every plastic bag you need at the grocery/pharmacy store, save the environment, yourself and some money with these tote bags. 

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has so many uses! From beauty hacks to dinner recipes, coconut oil is a must-have for the home.

Fresh Produce Storage

Don’t tell me you just put your fruits and veggies back in the fridge sans cover.

An Extra Phone Charger

In the likely case that yours will either break or be needed by one of your guests.

An Extension Cord

We have too many tech devices in our home for the amount of outlets usually given.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

For the walls that are begging to be cleaned.

Refrigerator Deodorizer

Or else your fridge will eventually smell like brussel sprouts.

First Aid Kit

For those unfortunate, painful moments.

Pain Relief Medicine

For that second vaccine dose.

Extra Toiletries

For your guests who may end up staying the night.

Nail Kit

Do not pull your cuticles, cut them with the proper tools.

Bottle Opener

Imagine having people over who bring a bottle of wine or case of beer and you can’t open it….


We rarely need them, but some household essentials such as our remote controls and lint removers cannot function without batteries.

A Flashlight

Just in case the Aliens come & take over or you forget to pay your electric bill.

Measuring Tape

If you can measure with your mind, I would be quite impressed.

Duct Tape

For clothing returns or big moves, you need duct tape to shut the boxes. Or maybe your sibling won’t stop running their mouth.. (just kidding!)

Hand Sanitizer

Unfortunately, we are still in a major pandemic, but we should have sanitizer at all times regardless. Germs are gross and everywhere.

Tooth Picks

Such a necessity.

Disposable Serveware

For when you don’t want to do the dishes.


You. always. need. liquor. 🙂

Rubbing Alcohol & Hydrogen Peroxide

For those unpredictable ouchie moments

Trash Bags

You always have enough trash bags until you run out.

Broom / Dustpan

Especially for my apartment dwellers.

Light Bulbs

Did you know you have to replace light bulbs all the time??

Ice Cube Tray

In the case that you don’t have an ice maker.

Bag Clips

Don’t ever let your chips go stale!

A Shoe Stretcher

For all my wide feet homies!

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