45+ Unique Home Accent Pieces

The most unique and impressive accent pieces for your home.

Accent pieces are great for adding your very spirit and essence into your home. They are a way of showing off who you are, where you come from, and how you present yourself to others. Think of accent pieces as your creative outlets for the home’s interior. Usually, when you’re thinking of interior design and buying things for the home, you concentrate on the dull, nitty-gritty items like furniture and other necessities.  

However, with accent pieces, you get to have all the fun you want! Nothing is boring about finding pieces that represent who you are. Once you have finished doing the work, go have fun & explore all the unique home accent pieces the world has to offer. 

Here is my guide to some of the most unique pieces I have found that speaks to several personalities: 


old wooden statuette in necklace
Photo by Evgenia Basyrova on Pexels.com

The first type of accent piece I want to introduce cannot be found anywhere online or offline until you look for them. Accent pieces that you encounter while shopping, traveling, spending time with others, etc., are pieces that will probably affect you the most. Having accents from your most extraordinary journeys and life experiences are the best accent pieces of all! The most unique items you can have in your home are the items you recognize yourself in and can make you feel a certain way, a fantastic and nostalgic way.

Now for the items you actually can buy,


Spiral Twist Candles ($40)
Taken from Uncommon Goods

Candles are great accent pieces, especially if they have relatable messages or designs that you see yourself in. All these candles are coming directly from Uncommongoods.com. However, many of these candles can be found anywhere, offline and online, and can usually be even more personalized than what you just see here. 

Scentiment Candles ($35) 

60 Hour Candles ($18-$30)

Birth Month & Flower Candles ($30)

Wine Candles ($24)

Homesick City Candles ($34)

Literary Candles ($16)

Anecdote Candles ($24)

Crystal Candles ($34)

Spiral Twist Candles ($40) 

Figurine Candles ($50) * Emma’s personal favorite*

Chakra Candles ($49)


Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Vases are exciting to pick out because of their extreme uniqueness. There are so many vases out there of all shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. It is entirely up to you and your style preferences to find the perfect vase. Some of the more unique vases I have seen include:

Bedside Smartphone Vase ($32)

Reversible Glass Vase ($55)

Personalized Faux Bois Vase ($90)

Love Vase Set ($150)

Tamara Vase ($240)

Vera Bubble Vase ($42-$58)

Mooney Vase ($22-$32)

Joji Face Vase ($58)

Staggered Vase ($28)

Geometric Bud Vase ($28)


Lighting up your home is all on you. The way you want to set the mood through lighting can be unique once you see what there’s in store:

Long Distance Friendship Lamp ($85-$170)

Hydrangea Mood Lamp ($49)

Prism Light ($30)

Crystal Nightlights ($38)

Interactive Cloud Lamp ($690)

Starry Sky Lantern ($150)

Parrot Table Lamp ($182)

Sarah Ceramic Accent Lamp ($70.40)


Tik Tok, everyone! It’s time to upgrade your boring clock for a clock that actually says something besides the time. 

Taken from CB2 ($49.95)

Record Clock ($38)

Wagging Dog Breed Clock ($75)

Moving Fish Tail Clocks ($110)

Onyx Desk Clock ($49.95)

Textured Wall Clock ($138)

More Decorative Accent Pieces 

I couldn’t place these items under any specific category because they are far too unique to categorize. 

Taken from Uncommon Goods ($65)

Meditative Movement Pendulum ($8-$60)

Color Changing Cinema Lightbox ($25-100)

Weather Predicting Black Swan ($39)

So Long Dachshund Wool Rug ($60)

Gemstone Flower of Life Ornament ($65)

Tarot Card Catchall Dish ($45)

Oversized Shifting Sands Art ($500)

Grecian Bust Pot ($42)

Agate Crystal Bookends ($58)

Asha Taper Holder ($29.95)

Luca Sculpture ($59.95)

Selenite Objects ($99.95-$149)

Chain Link Decor ($299)

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