5 Best Bath Mats/Rugs of 2021

Bath mats are both a stylish and functional addition to your bathroom. They give you a chance to incorporate color and material while keeping your feet nice and warm. That being said, you have many options to choose from – which leads me to my next question: what exactly should you be looking for prior to purchasing a bath mat?

Bath mat or bath rug?

The key difference between the two are the following: bath rugs are much thicker than bath mats. Bath mats are very similar to towels, in both their thinness and their power to absorb water. Mats absorb water better than rugs. Finally, mats are easier to clean than rugs.

What material should I get? Reversible or not?

The most common bath mat/rug material is cotton. The reason for this is because cotton is easy to clean and absorbs water best. Nylon is a good material because it’s durable, dries quickly and does not need to be cleaned frequently. Bamboo & grass fibers mats/rugs absorb water well and give off that spa-like look. You can also purchase a plastic mat/rug, though they aren’t as visually appealing. However, plastic mats/rugs are especially beneficial for outdoor spaces and outdoor showers. 

If you often like changing colors, reversible mats are also something to consider! 

That all being said, both rugs and mats come in a variety of fabrics, colors, shapes & materials. It’s completely up to you and your preferences.

Best Overall: Gorilla Grip Bath Rug

Photo taken from Amazon's website

This quality rug dries quickly, absorbs excess amounts of water, and offers non-slip protection.

Best Budget: Memory Foam Bath Mat

Photo taken from Amazon's website

Made from memory foam, this material is both affordable and cozy. It absorbs water effectively and quickly and is easy to clean. I especially would recommend a memory foam mat for a smaller bathroom as they don’t come in very large sizes.

Best for keeping the germs out: Diatomaceous Earth Bath Mat

Photo taken from Amazon's website

If you’re a big germaphobe and mildew scares the crap out of you, this mat might be the mat for you! The reason the mat is anti-bacterial is because it’s made out of diatomaceous earth material, meaning it’s naturally antibacterial & good at absorbing excess water. 

Best Reversible: Crochet Bath Rug

Photo taken from Wayfair's website

With a variety of sizes and colors, it’s hard to go wrong with this reversible rug!

Best Non-Slip: Supima Cotton Non-skid Small Bath Rug

Photo taken from Lands End's website

A mat with proper rubberized backing is what will save you from slipping. Such backing can be provided using materials such as latex, which this rug does. If you’re a clumsy human, this might be your best bet. 

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