5 Best Home Safes of 2021

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that nothing is certain and the world can change in a matter of seconds. Never did I think I would witness a pandemic during my time on earth. I remember hearing about the Spanish flu and laughing about it like it was something so out of reach for us, something that could never reoccur. I couldn’t even begin to fathom what living through a time like that was like. But then it happens to you and then your whole thought process changes. It made me think about a lot, and about things I hadn’t thought about before; from bigger issues like global relief plans to smaller issues like the number of germs on every surface I come into contact with. But I also learned some valuable lessons, like the fact that planning your life is a waste of time. You’re never really in control so why try to control everything? It’s taught me to live more freely, more on the edge, like any day could be our last. But most importantly, it’s made me reevaluate on many levels. All the rioting and looting that came out of the pandemic made it feel like we were about to enter another civil war. I never used to think about my safety but now I am constantly worrying. I walk around with pepper spray and find myself frequently checking my surroundings. I never used to think about someone breaking into my home but now I want to make sure I’m absolutely prepared for something like that. And boom, now you finally understand why I’ve decided to write about this topic. Whether you want to protect jewelry, emergency cash, valuable pieces, a gun, something sentimental, etc., a safe is definitely necessary.

 But what safe is best for you and what should you consider prior to picking a safe? Let’s explore our options.

What type of safe should I get?

Wall safes

Best for small spaces because they are mountable and won’t take up floor space.

Floor safes

If you don’t want to put a hole in your wall, then I would opt for a floor safe. They come in many sizes and shapes to be able to fit basically anywhere, hidden spaces included.

Gun safes

Biometric safes are some of the most secure safes for storing your guns. They require a fingerprint to open so it’s not easy access for anyone except you. 

What type of lock should I get?


These are highly secure locks. They require fingerprint access.

Electronic Keypad

You need a code to get in, making this less of a secure lock but still a pretty good option.


This is similar to a school locker. You need to turn the dial and enter a code. Because these don’t require batteries, they won’t ever let you down. But you do have to care for it and clean it every so often.

Best Overall: SentrySafe SFW123GDC

Photo taken from Amazon's website

Weighing 87 pounds, the sentry safe is your best option overall because it’s fire resistant (for up to an hour), water resistant, comes with a back-up key and interior light, has multiple programmable combinations, fits a good amount of stuff and is relatively affordable for a quality piece ($252.99). Did I mention it could survive falls up to 15 feet and can tolerate up to a foot of water?

Best for Basics: AmazonBasics Home Keypad Safe

Photo taken from Amazon's website

Weighing 37 pounds, this carbon-steel safe comes with an 8-guage steel door. Holding just under 2 cubic feet, you’ll have plenty of room to store your valuables. One thing you should know about this safe is that it is not fireproof or waterproof. However, it’s a reliable, strong safe that holds a good amount, has a shelf inside, is mountable and can be opened from any angle with its keyless electronic lock. (Yes, it comes with a spare key too.)

Best for Budget: SentrySafe 1200

Photo taken from Amazon's website

Weighing 13 pounds and costing just under $20, the SentrySafe 1160 is fire resistant (for up to 30 minutes), portable, can be easily hidden, uses a simple key lock and is large enough to fit a small gun. Unfortunately, this safe is not tamperproof or waterproof so I would not recommend storing your most valuable pieces. But if you need a place to store something small, this could be a good option for you.

Best Biometric Safe: Verifi Smart Safe

Photo taken from Amazon's website

Weighing 29 pounds, this biometric safe is not cheap. However, security is something worth investing in. Not only does it have tamper alerts and auto-lock features, the safe comes with a biometric fingerprint scanner that is FBI approved. And no, that fingerprint scanner is not limited to 1 or 2 fingerprints, it can hold up to 40!

Best Gun Safe: Barska Mini

Photo taken from Amazon's website

Last but not least, weighing 13 pounds, this safe is ideal if you’re looking for a safe place to store your gun. It’s got a biometric lock, silent mode, tamper resistant features, is mountable, and can hold up to just under .3 cubic feet of space. Disclaimer: you will not be able to store multiple guns, just one or two max (small ones.)  

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