5 Best Instagram Accounts for Funky Interior Design Inspo

We’ve all heard it before: inspiration breeds creativity. The key is to get as much exposure as you possibly can. This way, you’re constantly educating your eye and getting a feel for what you like. Lucky for us, with the internet, we have so many easy & quick ways of finding inspiration. Whether it be through the media, through a google search, through finding the nearest museum, furniture store, etc., it is truly up to you to utilize the endless resources we have today.

Instagram alone is a huge source of inspiration. Being able to see so much at the tap of a finger is beyond what people could have imagined 20 years ago. However, like anything else that’s extreme, there are downsides. Instagram offers us so much that it can be overwhelming at times. How do you find exactly what you’re looking for? Which account is worth following? Which account is going to continuously inspire me instead of bore me? What do I look up to find a particular niche? Who is the person behind this account? Are they even real designers? Are these photos original? How do I make my room look exactly like in the photo? Where do people source from? Is what I’m looking at even real or made on photoshop?

Yep. If your anything like me, all these questions have crossed your mind. Hence, why I’ve decided to write about this and share with you my 5 favorite funky interior design Instagram accounts that never disappoint and continuously inspire me.

1. @Curated_Spaces

Photo taken from @Curated_spaces' Instagram

If your into vintage furniture, funky colors, funky shapes, and of course… curated spaces then you must check out this profile. Before I discovered this account, my taste always leaned more towards minimalism and nude hues. Now, I’ve shifted more towards color and have a new found love for accent pieces. I’ve also learned new ways to incorporate color, plants, lighting, texture, and shapes without it looking claustrophobic and heavy.

2. @Studiosambuckley + 3. @__Dreamspaces

Photos taken from @Studiosambuckleys' & @__Dreamspaces' Instagram

These two accounts are where the unimaginable come alive. Through the incorporation of stark colors, contrasts, and funky shapes, we’re able to see how loud spaces come together in a cohesive, simple way. If you would have told me that your bathroom was blue, pink, red, and yellow, I would have immediately assumed a disastrous headache. These accounts have opened up my mind to the exotic, forcing me to explore the unusual, refining my taste in the process.

4. @Interiahysteria_

Photo taken from @Interiahysteria_'s Instagram

If you’re looking to shop for funky, unique, one of a kind pieces, then you must check out this profile. Besides the shopping, the feed is so aesthetically pleasing and carefully curated. It’s one of those accounts where every photo is amazing, back to back. When I first started my account, I always looked to this account for inspiration. I loved the way they organize their feed and colors, and how every row has a vibe of it’s own.

5. @Espace.empty

Photo taken from @Espace.empty's Instagram

If your vibe is minimalistic, warm, nude hues, @espace.empty is who you should be following. I’ve always found this account special because of the unique incorporation of shapes into furniture. It’s opened my mind to how much furniture is an art of its own. Each piece more exotic than the next, I’m able to notice the influence texture, color, shape, and size all have in a room. It’s as if simple and loud had a baby.

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