5 Quick Ways to Make your Dresser Top Look Fancy

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A dresser is an essential piece of furniture we typically don’t forget to buy, but it’s not always one we want to spend a hefty sum on. So how do you style a cheap to somewhat pricy dresser to make it look like it’s the hottest dresser on the market? Simple! Because you have so many options on how to go about this, it’s really just a game of picking and choosing which ideas you like best. I listed below the five quick and easy ways I used to style my own dresser.

1. Think in three’s

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You didn’t have to study interior design to know that styling things in 3’s or odd numbers is the way to go. The reason for this is because styling in odd numbers is visually pleasing for our eyes. More specifically, it’s the asymmetry that helps create a balanced look. When it comes to items you can group together, I would personally group books, candles, vases, etc.

2. Add a tray

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If you’ve got a lot of tchotchke’s on your dresser or you’re someone who likes to unload your accessories on your dresser, a tray will help make your things look compact. Additionally, tray’s make for great décor. With so many options on the market, it’s literally impossible to not find the color, shape, or pattern that you’re looking for. I’ve also seen that people use trays to put their perfumes on. It’s a cool and functional décor trend because it looks expensive and it gives you quick access to your perfume.

3. Add your own touch

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Personalizing your dresser is another way to make it look expensive. For example, let’s say you love to collect crystals. Displaying your crystals either on your tray or on a separate tray can make for a unique but expensive look. Plus, adding your own touch can be a great way to incorporate color if that’s what you’re going for. My suggestions: think about your hobbies, think about what you like to collect, what you feel is a personal reflection of your taste. Add a little tray to it & voila! It’s ready to go on your dresser. Some things I have on my dresser that could inspire you: candles, diffusers, crystals, books, & cute lamps.

4. Books, books, & more books

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I cannot emphasize the expensive effect books have on furniture. Even if your furniture is from Ikea, topping it off with books will make cheap furniture look expensive. Again, as I mentioned above, you’re going to want to stack these books in 3’s or in odd numbers. I personally love stacked books that go from largest to smallest. I find it visually appealing. If you need help picking what books to buy, click here.

5. Mirrors and/or lighting

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Mirrors can make a space appear larger than it is, especially if you have a window the mirror can reflect off of. Besides that, mirrors make for great décor! Because they come in so many shapes and sizes, adding a unique mirror above your dresser can make your space look expensive. Additionally, the right lighting will work wonders for your space. Just like a mirror, lighting gives the illusion of a bigger space. Lighting is also a great way to incorporate décor because there are so many unique lamps you can buy. You can also use lighting as a way to incorporate color and texture.

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