5 Sustainable Tableware Sets for Your Next Dinner Party

Don’t just invite people to your dinner party, invite sustainability too! For those that don’t know, using sustainable tableware nurtures nature because the natural materials used to make the products don’t release chemicals into our soil. In fact, eco-friendly tableware actually nurtures our soil since the materials decompose naturally. 

Additionally, because natural materials are used to make these products, the products  are manufactured using sustainable practices and are toxic-free. Therefore, the planet does not suffer. This next one might be obvious, but using natural materials also reduces ocean pollution and landfill mass since it reduces the use of plastic and waste. 

Finally, a lot of people don’t realize the toxins they come in contact with when using plastic tableware and eating food that has touched plastic. Do yourself and the environment a favor by switching over to sustainable tableware!

1. Our Place

Photo taken from Our Place's website

For sustainable cookware that doubles as home decor, check out our place! And yes… this is the brand that sells the famous multi-purpose always pan you’ve been seeing everywhere. 

2. Itemerie

Photo taken from Itemerie's website

Crafted by skilled artisans, Itemerie sells quality items that go far beyond tableware and are expected to last you years. Plus, every order that qualifies for free shipping automatically contributes to planting trees. Check them out by clicking here.

3. Vivaterra

Photo taken from Vivaterra's website

The term “Vivaterra” means “living earth” in Portuguese. Between furniture, gifts, decor, & cookware, Vivaterra has got you covered. They source from and support artisan communities in more than 20 countries across the globe, as well as seek out fair-trade partners and sustainable methods of production.

4. Fable New York

Photo taken from Food52's website

Using just one material – Bamboo, Fable New York offers a variety of plates, bowls, and cups. Fable partners with a factory in China that they claim is one of the best in terms of eco-production. The factory specializes in low-impact and environmentally-progressive products. Did I mention the products are basically break proof?!

5. Made Trade

Photo taken from Made Trade's website

Living by “ethically elevated” standards, made trade prioritizes sustainability over mass production. Between sustainable clothing, shoes, cookware, decor, & more, made trade makes it clear that you can shop freely, knowing each piece has been responsibly sourced, and expertly handcrafted with sustainable materials. 

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