5 Ways to Decorate with Disco Balls

Best way to add a little 70’s flavor to your home? Disco balls! A staple since the 1920’s, disco balls have been a décor trend for years. They’re the perfect accent piece for a minimalist room and the perfect décor piece for your annual holiday parties! Because they’re most commonly seen in clubs, seeing them at home is a different but exciting feeling. It almost indirectly implies a comfortable dancing zone. 

But how do you decorate with disco balls if you’re not into maximalism? Or better said, is it possible to subtly decorate with disco balls? The answer is yes and these 5 ways below are going to explain just how to do it.

Centerpiece in a Quiet or Loud Room

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I say quiet or loud because either way, a disco ball is the star of the show. Your other décor differs significantly from a disco ball, so it will never have competition and will always attract its own attention. Additionally, Because disco balls reflect off light and color, they would do just as well in both a loud or quiet room. It all depends on what you’re going for. 

Add Mini Disco Balls to Your Trays

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You can decorate your trays with candles, flowers, ash trays, etc., OR you can add a ton of mini disco balls! Though this probably won’t be something a minimalist would love, it is very different and visually appealing at the same time. Again, disco balls make for great accent pieces so if your room is neutrally colored and furnished, this might be the perfect last touch.

Add Mini Disco Balls to Your Chandelier

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This one is for my really funky people, as most people I know would not even dare. I personally love the way they look and I think if placed in a room with a lot of natural light, it could make for the perfect centerpiece. As I mentioned above, if this isn’t something you’d like to see all year round, it could be the perfect holiday party décor!

Stack a Small or Medium Sized Disco Balls onto Your Books

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Whether it’s the books in your living room, bedroom, bathroom, etc., a disco ball is the perfect decor piece to stack on top of your books!

A Disco Ball Flowerpot?! Yes All The Way!

Photo taken from Emily Everday's Instagram

If you’re still buying boring flowerpots, here is your sign to switch it up! Your flowerpots need to be just as attractive as your precious plants! Plus, it’s not often that you see a disco ball as a flowerpot… the goal is to be unique always, and this is most definitely unique!

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