5 Ways to Detox Your Home

If I’m the first person to break this to you, then I’m sorry… BUT it’s about time you’re made aware! Your house carries up to 400 chemicals currently & those chemicals are now circulating in your air. But don’t worry! There are solutions. Your quickest solution is to toss all your toxic cleaning products. I’ve listed what these products are below. Beyond that, I’ve offered you four other solutions & alternatives. See this as a cleanse as opposed to a scare! 😀 

1. Add Greenery

Tons and tons of chemicals accumulate in our homes everyday. Though not all our toxic, we should do our best to interact with them as little as possible. If you can’t afford an air purifier, consider buying some plants. Plants not only purify your air, but can also make for great home decor. The following plants are said to be the best for indoor air purifying:

-English Ivy

-Spider Plants

-Bamboo Plants

-Peace Lily

2. Ditch The Toxic Products

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For those that don’t know, all those conventional cleaning products you see at your local grocery store are filled with toxins. This is not to scare you in anyway, this is to make you aware! You can easily swap those out for safer, healthier alternatives. I’ve listed a couple below.

Products to ditch:


Carpet cleaner

All purpose cleaners

Metal cleaner 

Glass cleaner

Drain cleaner

Dishwashing detergent

Alternative products:

White distilled vinegar for getting rid of bacteria.

Baking soda for deep cleaning and for absorbing odors.

Fresh lemons for all household bacteria.

Tea tree oil for killing bacteria in your bathroom & kitchen.

Liquid Castile soap for cleaning anything & everything. Dr. Bronner’s brand is my typical go-to.

3. Shower Curtain Healthy Alternatives

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If your shower curtains are made of vinyl, it’s time to swap them out. Vinyl is made with a plastic called polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that releases phthalates into your air. You don’t want to be inhaling that for months at a time! Switch to a cloth shower curtain instead.

4. Carpet/Rug Healthy Alternatives

Photo taken from Modern Rugs and Decor Pinterest

Yes, your carpets contain and accumulate loads and loads of chemicals and toxins. There is no real way to avoid your carpet from sucking up and releasing toxins, but switching to natural made carpets will make one hell of a difference! The reason for this is because they don’t contain the following chemicals: volatile organic compounds (VOC), anti-stain ingredients, flame retardants, etc.

5. Pots & Pans Healthy Alternatives

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Did you know that non stick pans actually contain and release tons of chemicals into your air? Well now you fortunately do and here’s what you’re going to replace them with. Use only cast iron, glass bakeware and ceramic pots and pans as these don’t contain the main chemical used for coating carpets, clothes, furniture packing, etc. For reference, this chemical is known as perfluorochemical or PFC. 

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