7 Considerate Gifts for New Homeowners

Buying a new home is a huge accomplishment and one that should definitely be celebrated! That being said, a new home also comes with a lot of stress. There is so much to do, to buy, and to think about. Plus, it’s not like building your dream home comes easy.

Therefore, your brand new homeowner friends would really appreciate your support! Whether it’s going to their house and helping them out with something, or showering them with house warming gifts, they will greatly appreciate anything you can do for them!

I’ve listed 7 adorable house warming gifts below. Feel free to get creative with these gift ideas –

There is so much on the market that you can buy! Use these as inspo if you don’t absolutely love any.

Coffee & Beverage 9 Piece Set

Photo taken from Verishop's Website

If there’s one thing a new homeowner needs, it’s coffee! These modern mugs maintain the hot temperature of coffee and other hot drinks while remaining cool to the touch on the outside.

Balloon Vase

Photo taken from Verishop's Website

Every home needs a centerpiece. Whether it’s for the dining table, kitchen top, dresser top, or just for decor purposes, you can never go wrong with a vase!

Multi-Insect Killer

Photo taken from Verishop's Website

New homeowners are typically thinking about their bigger purchases, such as buying a table, bed, chairs, etc. But trust me, insect spray is low-key just as necessary and something they need just as desperately. Plus, it’s affordable!

Plants, Plants, & More Plants

Every home needs plants. Although your new homeowner friends probably already know this, one more plant can’t hurt. Plus, every time they water it, they’ll think of you!

Casablanca Throw

Photo taken from Verishop's Website

You can never have enough throw blankets! Plus, colorful throws double as accent decor pieces. 

Turkish Plush Robe with Piping

Photo taken from Verishop's Website

New homeowners need to be comfortable! What better way to fulfill this need than to gift them with a delicious robe?

Harvey Decanter Set

Photo taken from Verishop's Website

Your new homeowner friends are working tirelessly day in and day out. What better way to reward them than a DRINK!! Even better, a beautiful decanter and cups set that’ll double as home decor! Sounds like a win-win to me. 🙂

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