7 Items You Need to Make Your Home Cozy

Since we spend the majority of our time at home, it’s important that we make the most out of our space. Not only do we want to feel cozy and warm when we come home after a long day, but we also want our guests to experience the same feeling. From delicious scents to cozy blankets, here are a few ways to make your house feel like a home. 

1. A Good Rug

Not everything is worth splurging on, but a rug definitely is and here’s why. Rugs are the easiest way to add texture, color, and warmth to a room. Additionally, rugs help define spaces and complement surrounding decor pieces. 

2. Blankets

According to scientific research, the feel of a blanket can stimulate portions of the limbic system and release neurotransmitters that make people feel relaxed. But this shouldn’t come as a surprise as we all know how delicious we feel when we’re wrapped in blankets. Blankets are a must have when it comes to making you, your guests, and your space feel cozy!

3. Flowers

Flowers are another easy way to add color and decor to your home. Creating a welcoming atmosphere, flowers enhance the look, feel, and smell of any room.

4. Candles

The scent of a candle will put you at ease while creating a pleasant and welcoming ambiance. According to candle experts, taper and pillar candles are best for when you have guests over. They look especially good when placed in the center of your dining table.

5. Textures

There are multiple ways to introduce texture into your home. Whether its through throw pillows, blankets, rugs, furniture, wallpapers, tapestries, linen bedding, art, etc., texture is absolutely essential. Interior designers refer to texture as a ‘visual weight’ and often use texture to add accents and make certain aspects stand out. Textures help to make a room cozy and cohesive. This all being said, it is recommended to stick to no more than 4 kinds of textures per room so that you avoid creating a busy, cluttered space. 

6. Art (Preferably Framed)

Art breathes life and character into your home. And because there is so much art to choose from, the pieces you pick reflect you in an unspoken way. Art lets you express yourself and encourages dialogue among guests. Additionally, having art in your home is said to foster creativity, inspiration, and relaxation. 

7. Lighting

Lighting is essential to good interior design. Strategic lighting is supposed to complement the tone in the room while matching the design of the whole area. Lighting also plays an important role in creating an ambiance. For example, if you’re having friends over for dinner, dim lighting and candles will help create a peaceful and welcoming ambiance. 

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