white and black laptop computer on brown wooden stool near pile books

8 Ways to Cozy Up Your Home

How to achieve the ultimate level of comfort in your home with these 8 steps.

If the pandemic has brought us anything, it’s closer to the couch than we have ever been before. Most of us have sought shelter in the comfort of our homes amidst the chaotic world outside. With most of our days spent at home, there has been no better time than now to make our sanctuaries comfy little nooks that hug you with warmth and love. 

white and black laptop computer on brown wooden stool near pile books
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green leaf plant in brown pot inside room
Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

Arguably, the most essential part of your home is probably your bed. At least for me, it is. When it comes to making your bed comfy and cozy for the later months of the year, or if you just want to crank the A.C. as I do, it’s time to change the sheets. If you’re in the linen/sateen phase of life, try switching that out for bedding material like flannel, fleece, or jersey. Check out some of these options:

Bare Home Super Soft Fleece Sheet Set

Urban Outfitters T-Shirt Jersey Sheet Set 

L.L.Bean Ultrasoft Comfort Flannel Sheet Set

L.L.Bean Premium Supima Flannel Sheets


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Setting the mood is vital. Try not to use any harsh, overhead lights. Only use lights such as lamps, twinkle lights, sconces, and candles. The best lights that can dim and change color at the touch of your smartphone are the Philip Hue Bulbs, which you can read all about here. I love these bulbs because you can simply adjust any light to the room’s mood. I typically enjoy using warm hues and a very dim setting. You can also use twinkling fairy lights and place them around your sofa, bed, or wherever your cozy little heart desires. I’ll be talking shortly about candles, but they will always be my favorite lighting when it comes to restful nights. No lights are needed here; just lots of candles and their shadows dancing on my walls will bring me the most peace & comfort. 

Lamps & Sconces 

Jett Black Arched Floor Lamp from CB2

Canna Grid Table Lamp from CB2

Yumi Table Lamp from CB2

Reynold Matte Black Sconce from CB2

Mid Century Standing Lamp

Albrillo Floor Lamp

Twinkle Lights 

Govee Led Fairy Lights

Twinkle Star Fairy String Lights 

Extra Long Copper Firefly String Lights


Paddywax Tobacco & Patchouli

Diptyque Baies 

Village Candle Balsam Fir 

Flameless LED candles


top view of cozy bedroom interior
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Keep these babies right by the door if you’re stepping out. Nothing feels better than throwing off your shoes from a long day and slipping into little plush clouds. I have about 7 pairs of slippers in rotation, but that’s just me. 

UGG Women’s Scuffette Slipper

UGG Men’s Ascot Slipper

ULTRAIDEAS Women’s Cozy Memory Foam Slippers Fuzzy

HALLUCI Women’s Cross Band Soft Plush Fleece 

Glerups Unisex Model BR Slipper

Jessica Simpson Women’s Comfy Faux Fur House Slipper

Pillows + Blankets

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The ultimate feeling of comfort comes from wrapping yourself in a giant snuggly blanket and cuddling with a yummy pillow. The best-rated, comfiest throw pillows and blankets include:

L.L. Bean Sheepskin Throw Pillow

Comfort Spaces Ruched Faux Fur Plush 3 Piece Throw Blanket Set 

ZonLi Chunky Knit Blanket

Sweet Home Collection Plush Pillow Faux Fur Soft and Comfy Throw Pillow

Chanasya Super Soft Fuzzy Faux Fur Cozy Warm Fluffy Dark Gray Fur Throw Pillow

Chanasya Fuzzy Faux Fur Throw Blanket

LOMAO Sherpa Fleece Blanket Fuzzy Soft Throw Blanket

UGG Euphoria Throw Pillow

UGG Whitecap Plush Flannel – Oversized Throw Blanket


photo with potted plant on chest of drawers in room
Photo by Charlotte May on Pexels.com

Physical comfort is easily achieved with blankets, pillows, bedding, etc.… but how does one achieve emotional & mental comfort in their home? Add photos with memories that bring you happiness & nostalgia, plants for automatic mood boosters (read here why), and books you love for the support they gave you while reading them. 


unfinished handmade tapestry with shuttle on hand loom
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An interior designer’s secret weapon is texture. When styling a home and adjusting it to the person, a designer has to look at the house’s mood. If it is missing levels of comfort, they will add texture. However, make sure not to overdo it because that could lead to an overwhelming site. 

Some textures to consider adding:

Wool Felt 

Tweedy Fabrics 




Some house items that use texture include:





Coffee & Tea

We all have our team. Mine is coffee. A little area set up for your coffee and teas gives that coffee shop vibe that we all search for. 


lighted candles in the bedroom
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According to Fifthsense.org, “The sense of smell is closely linked with memory, probably more so than any of our other senses. Those with full olfactory function may be able to think of smells that evoke particular memories; the scent of an orchard in blossom conjuring up recollections of a childhood picnic, for example.” 

If smells are linked with memory, I ask you to consider what memories bring you the most comfort and peace? What types of scents could possibly take you there?

“In addition to being the sense most closely linked to memory, smell is also highly emotive. The perfume industry is built around this connection, with perfumers developing fragrances that seek to convey a vast array of emotions and feelings; from desire to power, vitality to relaxation.” (fifthsense.org)

So we can see that smell is pretty essential when it comes to mood. You should try out different candles to find that one smell that brings you ultimate relaxation. Some candles that evoke strong memories of comfort for me include:

Nest Fragrances Holiday Candle

Maison Louise Marie No. 3

Le Labo Palo Santo 

Use diffusers to achieve the same feelings. With diffusers, however, you can work with essential oils to find your favorite scent. Some suitable diffusers include:

Vitruvi Stone Diffuser

URPOWER 2nd Version Essential Oil Diffuser

ASAKUKI Smart Wi-Fi Essential Oil Diffuser

Lastly, incense and palo santo are my favorite calming items to smell, bringing me to total peace. I am most comfortable around these burning products. If you are like me, you may want to shop at metaphysical stores in your city. They are the best for trying out all the different incense/sage scents. You can also look into:

Hem Incense Scents 

Palo Santo Smudging Sticks

Gratitude Incense Bundle w/ Tray

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