9 Unique Kitchen Wallpaper Ideas

Photo taken from Wayfair's Website

When it comes to building your dream house, the sky is the limit! Afterall, your home is your sacred space and the place you come to unwind and relax. Therefore, every inch of your house matters!

Though kitchens are typically filled with tile over wallpaper, the right wallpaper can beat any tile job. Plus, originality is cooler and much more unique than “the norm” anyways. 

Good Places to Shop Wallpaper at:

Flavor Paper

If you’re looking for wallpaper that stands out, Flavor Paper is your place!


If subtle colors are your thing, Anewall is your place! 

Graham & Brown

If metallic and maximal prints are your style, Graham & Brown is your place. Founded 80+ years ago, Graham & Brown has an endless variety of wallpaper to choose from. 

Rifle Paper Co.

If floral and busy but stunning prints are your style, Rifle paper co. is your place!

Kate Zaremba

If stripes and checkered vibrant colors are your style, Kate Zaremba is your place!


Photo taken from Etsy's website
Photo taken from Sezane's Website
Photo taken from Perigold's Website
Photo taken from Wayfair's website
Photo taken from Wayfair's website
Photo taken from Lulu and Georgia's website
Photo taken from Shop Author Interior's website
Photo taken from McGee & Co.'s website
Photo taken from Lime Lace's website
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