9 Ways to Go Greener at Home

As fellow people of this environment, we need to do more. Unfortunately, there is a big divide. We have our super passionate activists and then we have our careless and uneducated people. The harsh reality in all of this though is that we’re extremely selfish and we put ourselves before everything. Ultimately, we are the most detrimental thing to our planet and what we fail to realize is that we are affecting ourselves just as much as the planet, if not more.

We have a radical effect on biophysical environments & ecosystems, biodiversity, global warming, mass extinction, etc. This in retrospect is going to limit humanity on earth & eventually wipe us out entirely. I think when people see words like these, they just panic and look the other way because they know the environment won’t completely degrade during their time on earth. Additionally, I think the reason people don’t act more on this subject is because they think they need to make drastic changes in order to become more sustainable. This is simply not the case.

There are so many ways you can go greener that will have little effect on what you’re already doing & what you’re used to. Therefore, I figured I’d share some of these ways in hopes to inspire you to at least read these if you are not interested in trying any. And I mean…who knows? Maybe these little changes will turn into habits & later be passed down to your own kids & grandkids. It’s as simple as starting somewhere.

1. Pay your bills online

Why take down precious trees just to receive excess amounts of paper that you’ll throw right away? Switch to online billing instead! 

2. Switch to energy efficient light bulbs

Not only will switching to energy efficient light bulbs save you money, but they’ll last you 12 times as long as traditional light bulbs too! To read more about the benefits of energy efficient light bulbs, click here. To purchase some, click here.

3. Buy a reusable water bottle

By simply buying a reusable water bottle instead of a plastic one, you’ll release less carbon dioxide into the air, you’ll avoid sending more plastic to landfills & oceans, and you’ll protect marine life. To purchase a reusable water bottle, click here

4. Wash your clothes in cold water instead of hot

Washing your clothes in cold water will reduce your energy bills, wrinkles in your clothing, and get rid of stains that hot water couldn’t. Delicate fabrics also do best in cold water! 

5. Shop at the farmers market

Support your local economy and family farms by shopping at the farmers market! The food’s organic, there’s more variety, & it’s affordable! 

6. Unplug chargers & appliances when not in use

Unplugging your chargers and appliances will save you money & make your space look cleaner!

7. Switch to cloth napkins

Cloth napkins not only hold up better than paper napkins, but they cost less and will last you forever too! Additionally, cloth napkins can make for a great decorative touch and are much more visually appealing than paper napkins. To purchase some, click here.

8. Switch to glass instead of plastic for pantry storage

Besides the fact that glass is safer than plastic, glass is also much more visually appealing than plastic. More importantly, glass holds heat better, doesn’t absorb smells, and is practical and sustainable! To shop glass containers, click here.

9. Purchase reusable shopping bags

Investing in reusable shopping bags will conserve resources, decrease pollution, protect wildlife, save you money, and are more convenient to hold than plastic bags! So why not click this link and get some right now?

If you've gotten to this point...Have I at least opened your mind if not convinced you to go more green?

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