A Vanity Mirror Affair

Vanity has its place, in the bathroom, at least. And, if you’re like me, you like to see everything in the mirror. That means the blackheads, the leftover eyeliner gunk that won’t get off, and even the wrinkles you never knew were there. However, a powerful mirror gives you the ultimate tool at your disposal: the power to perfect your look. You can pop those blackheads, remove that gunk and maintain your wrinkles so that your skin will be cleaner and better well treated for than ever before. Vanity mirrors with lights allow you to look deeply at your skin, like a dermatologist would. Whereas just staring at a normal mirror, you will never be able to see the wear and tear your skin takes on throughout the day. Did you know that dirt and oil on your face collect around your pores like leaves and debris collect around a storm drain? Gross. And when those pores get clogged, it creates a pile-up of oil and dead skin cells in the follicle. Soon, bacteria make their way to the blockage, and the growth in bacteria causes inflammation. 

Luckily, there’s a way to prevent all of that! Here’s a complete list of the vanity makeup mirrors with lights that will elevate your skincare and beauty game.

Riki Skinny Mirror by Glamcor

This is my absolute favorite lighted mirror. It comes with an adjustable stand, magnetic phone clip, magnetic 3x mirror, and dual USB power supply. This is the perfect makeup mirror because of the optimal color blend of best photo lighting. There are 5 stages of dimming that give you full control of what details you want to see. Getting ready with this mirror has given me the confidence to go out and know exactly what my face looks like. My favorite feature has to be the magnetic phone clip because it allows for the ultimate selfie. I have never felt nor looked better than when I use this powerful little device. It is definitely worth the price.

Wondruz Lighted Makeup Mirror 

However, if you want a makeup mirror that is just as powerful but not as expensive, we have Amazon’s Choice for light up mirrors: Wondruz Vanity Mirror with Lights.

This isn’t Amazon’s choice for no reason. The reviews are amazing and quite compelling. This LED mirror comes with 21 lights that are evenly distributed around the whole mirror. The trifold design allows better viewing angles than the Riki mirror. The makeup mirror has a 180 degree rotatable stand that can be fixed at any position effortlessly and you can also detach it when not using it. The amazing light adjustment allows you to dim or brighten the illumination with ease. And the zinger, it’s only $32. You are guaranteed to see it all and not break the bank.

Impressions Vanity Touch Pro Makeup Mirror with Bluetooth

Now, here’s a mirror that caught my eye. I am the type of person who cannot do their makeup without listening to music. With the Impressions Vanity Touch Pro Makeup Mirror with Bluetooth, you don’t even need a speaker or your phone to do the extra work. It’s already done for you! This mirror allows you to stream music, listen to makeup tutorials (HELLO!), or even use your phone hands free. We love a clean and easy to use multitasking device. With ultra-bright daylight LED lighting trims, this smart mirror is equipped with a wireless Bluetooth audio speaker and a USB power bank charger so you can always stay connected while beautifying. The catch is definitely the price of $159. However, it is worth it for the ultimate beautifying experience.

However, there is a smaller, more compact version of this mirror for $69! Impressions Vanity came out with the Impressions Vanity Touch XL Dimmable LED Makeup Mirror with Bluetooth.

Impressions Vanity Touch XL Dimmable LED Makeup Mirror with Bluetooth

Besides the difference in price, this LED makeup mirror also includes a storage section at its base to store your earrings, makeup brushes, and other smaller accessories. It is lighter and more compact than the Impressions Vanity Touch Pro Makeup mirror. Yet, it still includes the amazing settings such as Bluetooth and the adjustable LED brightness. It even comes with a detachable round magnetic 5x mirror.

FENCHILIN Large Hollywood Lighted Makeup Mirror

If you’re looking for a makeup mirror that will take up the space of your hollywood vanity area, look no further. Introducing the FENCHILIN Large Hollywood Lighted Vanity Mirror. This mirror comes with a bluetooth speaker, 14 dimmable LED bulbs, and is able to be tabletop or mounted on a wall. The mirror is run by Smart Touch control & Memory Function: You adjust the mirror settings with the touch of a finger just like an iPhone! And the best part is that the memory function keeps your lights setting like your last use. 

iHome Beauty Reflect Trifold Vanity Mirror 

Last but not least, we have the iHome Beauty Vanity Mirror. Unlike the normal iHome mirror, this mirror comes with a wide-view high quality glass mirror with adjustable side panels for different viewing angles. It comes with bluetooth, full-spectrum lighting 200 LUX with hi/med/low brightness modes, true Color Lighting 3 dimmable hue adjustments including warm, bright and cool lighting modes, and a removable Detail Mirror 10x magnification with Simplestick technology for easy placement on mirror and non-porous surface. And of course, it would not be iHome without Siri and Google support, as well as an iPhone charger. 

I am definitely biased and love my Riki mirror, but all of these mirrors have amazing reviews and are tested by top beauty gurus. With different price ranges and functionalities, I am positive you will be able to find the mirror that works best for you and will take your beauty game to the next level.

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