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No home is fully complete without art. And contrary to popular opinion, you don’t have to pay millions of dollars or attend a Christie’s auction to own a beautiful masterpiece. 

Lucky for us, the internet has made the world of art a much more inclusive and accessible place for all. You can choose to have a framed Monet poster or an original painting from an obscure artist, or both! You can even sell your art and have your own works hanging in other people’s homes. The possibilities are endless, and the prices are affordable. Win, win.

I love being creative and having art around the home. I love sharing art on my Instagram and standing in museums in awe. Most importantly, I love it all because it reflects your inner self and allows old emotions to resurface. (This is just a little side note to explain how real & deep I’m about to get). I genuinely believe everyone should be able to have art and live in a home that makes you feel, especially in an age where we are desensitized by anything and everything around us.  

Please, please, please don’t be afraid of art because you feel you don’t know your taste or are worried about what other people may think. Art is a beautiful form of self-expression, and everyone should be able to have that opportunity to express themselves through one of humanity’s greatest gifts

My roommate and I occasionally head to Heaven, aka Target, buy canvas’ and paint our days away. What do we do with the paintings when we’re done? Display them, even though they are far from easy on the eyes. We do this to show ourselves that we are all creative, expressive, and capable of tapping into ourselves in ways never thought possible.

If an artwork brings up emotions and moves you in a good way or in any type of way, then you should be able to have that piece hanging at home. Simple as that. 

Affordable art does not mean cheap or trashy in any way. Affordable art simply means that there are genuine artworks from unknown, talented artists worldwide, finally getting their chance to shine. Affordable art means that your favorite masterpiece can easily be yours. Yes, an original Picasso seems like a bit of stretch, but now, the Starry Night can sit in the MoMa and be hanging in your entryway at the same time. Posters of art express the same exact value as a canvas. Whatever that painting means to you, it should mean that in any medium it comes in. 

Allow your soul to speak for you and go find some artwork that will compliment you, make you smile or cry happy tears, and help you find yourself. 

Some of the online shops that we love to shop at include:

Society 6


Tappan Collective

Canal Street

Pop Canvas

West Elm




Clock Canvas

Urban Outfitters




Absolut Art

Paper Collective




Check out our article dedicated to the many different forms of art you’ll find online, themes of the various stores we love, and how you can find art that suits you best. It’s a good starting point because we help you explore some of the varied options you’ll see before getting your hands dirty. 

Affordable artwork, here we come!

Lily Pond Lane by Beth Hoeckel

Shop here for $18.99

Coffee by Bethany Hoeckel

Shop here for $18.89

Story Telling by Ana Leovy

Shop here for $30.79

Palm Springs Tigers by Paul Fuentes

Shop here for $27.99

Live Immediately by Subliming

Shop here for $20.29

Landscape at Collioure Exhibition Poster by Henri Mattise

Shop here for $13.99

David Hockney Art Exhibition Art Poster 

Shop here for $13.99

A Moment! by Holly Warburton

Shop here for $15.39

Fetch This by @Aueyokp

Shop here for $18.19

Art History by Laura Burke

Shop here for $395

Music by Dewayne Jenkins

Shop here for $350

Stevie Nicks 1977 taken by Photographer Janet Macoska 

Shop here for $199

Mick and Bianca At The Savoy Hotel, Courtesy of Bridgeman Images

Shop here for $199

Atmosphere Blue Sky

Shop here for 74.97

Portrait Study in Pink by Rachel Gregor

Shop here for $198

Rosalie Tapestry

Shop here for $198

Gallery Wall Art Set by @flowerlovestudios

Shop here for $91

Fran Rodriguez Holy Night

Shop here from $19-259

Sewzinski Daisies On Forest Green Art Print

Shop here from $19-259

Noontide by Murray Taylor

Shop here for $120

Night Out by Julie Pike

Shop here for $47.66

Bloom 06 – Green by Uffe Buchard and Chris Calmer

Shop here for $47.68

First Date by Henrik Bülow

Shop here for $47.93

Pool by Pierre Toussaint

Shop here for $375

Purple Dress by Ruvan Wijesooriya

Shop here for $335

Promise me one thing, don’t let the opinion of someone else distort your view on an artwork you love. An opinion is simply an opinion. Go and hang that masterpiece even if it was 5 dollars or 5 million dollars. Life is too short, and art is a gift we all have been blessed with.

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