Ballin’ on a Coffee Table Budget

As we all know, everything has a price. But what we are quick to forget is that the price is not always an accurate reflection of the quality. Some things are simply more expensive because they have a name brand. This forces us to wonder, is it worth it? Should I seriously spend this much on one piece of furniture when I have dozens of others to buy? As I mentioned in my previous coffee table post, a coffee table is one of the more important pieces of furniture in your home. However, you do not have to spend a fraction of your budget on it! You can find a durable and visually appealing coffee table for an affordable price. You just need to do a bit more research which is exactly what I’m here for, to do the research and get you in the right direction. I have listed multiple affordable coffee table brands/styles below as well as a couple things you should consider before buying your coffee table. 


Depending on the size of the room, a general tip when buying a coffee table is making sure that the table is anywhere from 14-18 inches (or 2/3rd’s length of your sofa) away from the other furniture in that space. If the space is very large, you can accommodate two coffee tables but that is a personal choice. 


If you’re having trouble picking a shape, just think about the space you’re putting the table in, and the furniture you have in that space. Do you want the table to mirror the shape of the furniture (e.g., a circular couch and a circular coffee table?) Or do you want the table to be the opposite of the furniture (e.g., a circular couch and square coffee table?) Depending on the size of the space, there are benefits to each shape. If you have a tighter space, then a circular table might make things more easily accessible. If you have a bigger space, a square table can be great for bringing together the furniture/the extra space in the room. If you have a huge space, a rectangle shaped table might be your best bet. This shape will not only unify the room but also create a tremendous amount of space to put things on. 


The material is important because it can make the table more functional and it is a reflection of the vibe you are going for in that room. Glass does a great job at making the room seem more spacious and less cluttered. Wood is good for holding serious weight and damage. Marble can give the room a modern feel as well as a great appearance. And the list goes on…. But let’s get to the point so you can make your decision/purchase. 

Styling the table 

Though this is the last step listed, it is not the least important. If you plan on putting a ton of stuff on your coffee table, then you must be mindful of the material you pick, as not every material will sustain heavy weight. Therefore, when picking a coffee table, it is important to consider how you want to style your table and what you want to style it with. That way, you can pick the most functional table. 

Ikea coffee tables

As you probably already know, Ikea is one of the most affordable brands out there. Ikea is great because the price reflects the quality. In terms of coffee tables, Ikea has a variety of shapes and sizes which gives you plenty of options. I have listed some of my favorites below based on shape. 

Square shaped

Ikea lack coffee table – $29.99
Ikea trulstorp coffee table – $99
Ikea lunarp coffee table – $49.99
Ikea havsta coffee table – $149
Ikea tofteryd coffee table – $199
Ikea hemnes coffee table – $149
Ikea liatorp coffee table – $299

Rectangle shaped

Ikea lisabo coffee table – $129
Ikea fjallbo coffee table – $79.99
Ikea asperod coffee table – $99
Ikea Stockholm coffee table – $249
Ikea nyboda coffee table – $79.99

Round shaped

Ikea vittsjo coffee table – $49.99
Ikea kragsta coffee table – $99
Ikea gladom tray/coffee table – $19.99
Ikea listerby coffee table – $129
Ikea gamlehult coffee table – $69
Ikea malmsta coffee table – $199
Ikea kvistbro storage/coffee table – $59.99

Wayfair coffee tables

If you have not heard of Wayfair, I am so happy you have now! Wayfair has absolutely everything you’ll ever need for your home. Wayfair is great because it has both affordable and expensive things. There’s something for everyone. They also have loads of varieties, patterns, styles, brands, etc. I like to think of it as the google of home wear. 🙂 I have listed some of my favorites below based on shape. 

Square shaped

Holli Coffee Table – $189.99
Wilfredo coffee table – $129.99
Burkhalter Sled Coffee Table – $175.99 (on sale now)
Chattahoochee Two-Tier Coffee Table – $149.99
Wood coffee table – $139.99
Mccreight Coffee Table with Tray Top – $249.99

Rectangle shaped

Gunnels Omega Coffee Table – $349.99
Chaliah Abstract Coffee Table with Storage – $189.99 (on sale now)
Denning Coffee Table – $274.99
Lisa Argyropoulos Mystic Stone Coffee Table – $149.99 (on sale now)
Ivy Bronx Knipe Sled Coffee Table – $176.99
Coffee table by latitude run – $117.99
Kayley Sled Coffee Table – $226.99

Round shaped

Abstract Coffee Table – $284 (on sale now)
Newbold Abstract Coffee Table – $265.99
Glass coffee table – $339
Siegle Coffee Table with Storage – $259.99 (on sale now)
Telly Sled Coffee Table – $174
Starner Coffee Table – $224.99
Sevilla Drum Coffee Table – $156.99 (on sale now)
Orient Park Pedestal Coffee Table – $189.99 (on sale now)

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