Bath Tub Time Machine: Accessories to Enhance Bath Time

We all need a little escape after a long day of working. Whether it’s a glass of wine, a cigarette,  endless amounts of tv, or a bath, everyone has their own fix. I don’t know about you, but taking a bath has always been my favorite form of self-care. After many years and thousands of baths, nothing excites me more than a warm bath at the end of the day. But that’s not it… We’re missing what makes the experience most incredible, the bath tub accessories!! From bath bombs, to pillows, to bath salts, to bath tub wine glass holders, there is an endless list of products that I feel make my experience significantly better. Aaaand yes of course I’m going to share them with you because making your experience great is my priority! 

Bathtub Caddy’s 

If you want easy access to a glass of wine/water/tea, a book, a laptop, a movie, etc., then you need a bathtub caddy. Bathtub caddy’s are especially great because you can do all the things you normally would while you lay relaxed in warm water. 

Bath Salts

 Not only do bath salts moisturize your skin and sooth muscle pain but the concentration of the bath salts can increase the circulation throughout your body, reducing your stress! Yes, you read that right, salt can reduce your stress. Therefore, bath salts go beyond just a good bath time experience. They positively affect you outside the bath by keeping your muscles soothed, your skin moisturized, and your circulation flowing. 

Bath Bombs

I wasn’t always a fan of bath bombs because I was skeptical about the ingredients inside of them. However, after doing plenty of research, I’ve learned that bath bombs are not so bad after all. Not only do they soften your skin through adding emollients to the baths water, but the ingredients also cleanse your skin. Bath bombs are also known for having healing properties as almost all of them contain both citric acid and sodium bicarbonate. And of course, it makes your bath way more visually appealing. When buying a bath bomb, make sure you’re getting one that has all natural ingredients, especially if you’re someone who has sensitive skin. If not, the chemicals in a non-natural bath bomb will cause skin irritation. Additionally, some bath bombs are scented and will linger on your skin after using it, so be mindful of whether or not you want that!

Bath Pillows

I promise you a bath pillow is not an impulsive buy. Most bath tubs are very uncomfortable to sit in. Eventually you find yourself shifting positions to even out your back pain and it gets very annoying. Thankfully, there is a solution, a lot of them, actually. There is a pillow shape for every kind of bath, whether you want just a pillow for your head, a pillow for your head and back, a pillow for just your back, etc. I highly recommend getting a bath pillow to enhance your experience because not only will you feel more relaxed, but there are also health benefits to bath pillows such as reduced levels of blood pressure/stress.

Bath Robes

And what better way to transition from warm water to soft comfortable fabric than by putting on a robe? As you probably know, bath robes come in many fabrics and styles so I would recommend doing some research before picking one. I personally love the waffle robes because they make me feel like I’m at a hotel, but I must admit, they are not the warmest.

Bath Tub Wine Glass Holder

And last but definitely not least, the wine glass holder! If you love wine and taking bath’s, then you need one of these bad boys ASAP! You can get one for a very affordable price and they are extremely durable. I have listed some of my favorites below. 

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