Best Incense Burners & Holders of 2021

Around 5,000 years ago, ancient Egyptians would burn incense to release any negative energy and achieve inner peace through meditations and rituals. Five thousand years later, and here we are, still using incense the way it was initially intended, just without the burials, tombs, and pyramids.

"Incense burners were used extensively in temple and funerary ceremonies to purify the sacred space" (The Walters Art Museum). CA. 747-343 BCE (Late Third Intermediate-Late Period, 25th-30th dynasty)

Burning incense has several unique benefits, as previously mentioned in our latest post, Best Incense & Why We Love. To briefly summarize, incense is best known to help regulate your emotions, find your spirituality, and stay focused.

However, incense won’t properly burn unless there’s a burner holding it in place. An incense burner is essentially a tiny tray-like object that holds the incense stick in place while catching any leftover ashy residues.

Incense burners come in several different designs. The most important feature to look for in a burner is that the catcher is wide enough to trap all of the ash. I have had a couple of different incense burners, and trust me, it’s better to go for function over form. However, no sacrifice is needed when there are plenty of home decor-worthy burners that catch all of the ash and still look like a piece of art.


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Maison Balzac Glass Bubble Incense Holder


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Norden Ceramic Incense Burner


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Kin Objects Moon Sierra Incense Burner


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Cinnamon Projects Circa Mineral Incense Burner, Aventurine


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Om Plate Incense Burner


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L'OBJET Oh Mon Dieu Incense Holder


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ferm living Stone Incense Burner in Brass


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Black Incense Holder


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Cyan Incense Stick Holder


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FEMME Goddess Incense holder


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ALESSI Five Seasons Lily stainless steel incense burner

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