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Best Mattresses For People With Back Pain

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A good mattress is one that will give you both support and comfort. If your mattress is not providing you with the right support and comfort, your back is going to suffer. Let’s avoid that by making sure you get the mattress you need! Some things to consider prior to purchasing a mattress are the following:

1. A mattress with the correct support – what does this even mean?

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“Correct support” means your entire body is supported while your spine is kept in a neutral position – no matter the position you’re sleeping in. Experts recommend paying attention to your pressure points when shopping for a new mattress because they are the heaviest parts of your body.

2. Get your $’s worth

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Some things are worth splurging on and mattresses are one of them! Because your mattress is prone to messing up your back, you should worry less about the price and more about your back health. If you really think about it, your mattress will last you about 8-10 years. Therefore, if you do the math, and spend about $1000-3000 on a mattress, that’s cents a day for the next 8-10 years of a healthy back. It’s worth it!

3. Try before buying

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I cannot stress this one enough! I don’t care how comfortable the mattress looks in the photo, you must go and see it in person. It’s the only way to get a feel for it and know if it’s your best option. And don’t pick the first one you try… try plenty and sit in each mattress for about 5 minutes to know if that mattress provides you with the appropriate comfort and support.

4. Know your preferences

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Do you have a mattress preference? Do you sleep with someone who moves a lot and would prefer to not be disturbed by their movements? Do you drink or eat on your bed and want a mattress that prevents glasses from tipping over? Think about your everyday bed time routines, what you like about your current mattress, what you think it’s missing, etc.

5. Speak to a specialist

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These people are literally here to make your life easier. Beyond that, mattresses are their specialties, so speak to them! Ask them your questions, tell them your wants and needs, break it down for them. This way, they’ll be able to give you their professional advice and at the very least, help you narrow down your search.

And now for the mattresses….The options below are recommended by the mattress experts.

1. Best overall
Helix midnight luxe

Photo taken form Helix Sleep website

Helix midnight luxe – $995-$2199
*Promo code: SLEEPFOUND100 to get $100 off + 2 free dream pillow with any mattress*
Reasons to pick this mattress:
-If you’re someone who sleeps hot
-If you’re someone who sleeps in many different positions
-If you’re unsure of the level of firmness you need

2. Best value
Nectar mattress

Photo taken from Nectar Sleep website

Nectar mattress – $799 (on sale now)
*With every mattress purchase, you get $399 worth of free accessories*
Reasons to buy this mattress:
-If you’re someone who sleeps on your side & your average/above weight
-If you’re someone who sleeps on your stomach/back and are below 230lb’s
-If you’re looking for an affordable but quality option
-If you’re someone that likes memory foam but with only a little bit of sinking

3. Best for side sleepers

Photo taken from WinkBed website

Winkbed – $1299
*Promo code: SF300 to get $300 off a mattress*
Reasons to pick this mattress:
-If you’re someone who values edge support
-If you’re someone who values a bouncy but sink in feel
-If you’re someone who wants a variety of firmness options

4. Best for back sleepers
PlushBeds Botanical Bliss

Photo taken from Plush bed’s website

PlushBeds Botanical Bliss – $1049 (on sale now)
*Promo code: SF100 to get $100 off a mattress*
Reasons to pick this mattress:
-If you’re someone who’s heavier
-If you’re a hot sleeper

5. Best for pressure relief
Idle hybrid

Photo taken from Idle Sleep website

Idle Hybrid – $1200 (on sale now)
*Promo code: SF25 to take 25% off your order & get free sheets + 2 free pillows*
Reasons to pick this mattress:
-If you’re someone who changes your firmness preferences daily
-If you’re a hot sleeper

6. Best cooling
Birch mattress

Photo taken from Birch living website

Birch Natural Mattress – $1299 (on sale now)
Reasons to pick this mattress:
-If you’re someone who sleeps on your side or back
-If you’re someone who’s heavier
-If you’re someone who’s environmentally conscious

7. Best memory foam
Cocoon chill

Photo taken from Cocoon by Sealy website

Cocoon chill – $699 (on sale now)
*Promo code: SLEEPFOUND35 to take 35% off a mattress*
Reasons to pick this mattress:
-If you’re someone who sleeps on your side or back
-If you’re someone who suffers from both back and shoulder pain
-If you’re someone who shares a bed

8. Best splurge
Parachute mattress

Photo taken from Parachute Home website

Parachute mattress- $1299-$2199
Reasons to pick this mattress:
-If you’re someone who weighs over 130lb’s
-If you’re someone who has a preference for extremely breathable beds
-If you’re someone who likes a form bed

9. Most comfortable

Photo taken from Dream Cloud Sleep website

Dreamcloud – $899 (on sale now)
Reasons to pick this mattress:
-If you’re someone who has back pain
-If you’re someone who tosses and turns a lot when you sleep
-If you’re someone who sleeps hot / if you’re a heavy sleeper

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