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Best Wine Glasses of 2021

Every wine’s invited! May your wine glasses never be empty with these tastefully selected sets.

Any lover of wine knows just how important the glass is. If the glass feels cheap, the wine tastes cheap. But let’s say the wine is average, kind of cheap, but the glass is quality. Now, the wine suddenly tastes like the grapes were stomped in the heavens just for you. It’s the little things that can improve the quality of your life 🙂 

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Here are some wine glass tips that have been passed down from our very “spirited” ancestors:

The three characteristics we have to look at when purchasing wine glasses are the thickness of the glass, the stem, and the bowl’s curve.

Red’s typically have a wider opening top bowl.

White’s typically have a more narrow top bowl.

If you enjoy fuller-bodied reds, you should look into traditional long stem red glasses. Reds breathe best with exposure to a broader bowl because they tend to have more tannins. 

Fans of white’s should go for narrower bowls to not lose any flavor or detail of the wine. 

If you’re typically buying one type of wine, then it makes sense to purchase glass sets for that type. 

Those who don’t like to discriminate between wines should be buying multi-purpose wine glass sets. You never know when it’s time to switch it up. Multi-purpose glasses are also great for those just starting with wine & are usually more affordable.

We have stems on our glasses to avoid touching the bowl. Having your hand directly on the bowl will increase your wine’s temperature (not good) and could even affect the flavor. Stemmed glasses are more formal and 

Stemless wine glasses are less formal and are useful for those who are scared of mess. You can take them to the park, the beach, or possibly into the movie theatres if you don’t get caught. They are great for hanging with friends & large groups. I keep a set of cheaper, stemless glasses in my cabinet just for heads over. They keep the stress away and make the cleanup more manageable.

So to stem or not to stem? Ultimately it is up to you & your experience.

Crystal wine glasses are made out of lead. Some people prefer lead-less. The most significant difference between crystal and glass is the price point.

It’s 2021, people! We’re not drinking wine out of cheap glasses, we are not allowing negative energy or people in our lives, and we are living our lives to the fullest. So treat yourself to one of these sets if any call you. Grab that glass, pour as much as you need, and thank me later. 

Best Overall

Richard Brendon The Perfect Wine Glass

Shop here for $80

Best Rated

Zalto Denk’Art Burgundy Glass

Shop here for $60

Best Value

Libbey Signature Kentfield Estate All-Purpose Wine Glasses

Shop here for $35

Best Splurge

Gabriel-Glas 99682 Gold Edition Mouth Blown Wine Glass

Shop here for $148

Best for Reds

Gabriel-Glas Austrian Crystal Wine Glass “StandArt” Edition

Shop here for $63

Best for Whites

Elixir Glassware White Wine Glasses Set 

Shop here for $50

Best Multi-Purpose

Schott Zwiesel Pure 6-Piece Cabernet Glass Set 

Shop here for $84

Best Crystal

Nude Glass Crystal Jour Wine Glasses

Shop here for $69

Best Stemless

Riedel O Wine Tumbler

Shop here for $30

Best Expert Pick

Sempli Handblown Stemmed Wine Glass Set 

Shop here for $110

Best Insulated 

Host Freeze Cooling Cup

Shop here for $20

Best Design 

Schott Zwiesel Pure Wine Glasses

Shop here for $60

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