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Covid-Friendly New Years Eve Ideas

How to bring in the New Year, quarantine style

Congrats! You have almost made it to 2021. That is something to be very proud of.

We are all desperately waiting for the year 2020 to end and that ball to drop it like it’s hot. The 2020 nightmare we have all been uniquely living in is finally closing its last chapter as the Pfizer vaccine is distributed to the public, and the year draws to an end. The time has finally come to let go of the year 2020 and see what 2021 has in store for us.

From the editor:

We must not forget what 2020 has given us. The lessons I have learned this year have been far more significant than any formal education or life experiences that have come my way thus far. I am sure you all can relate when I say that we have all discovered a part of ourselves we have never been able to see before. We have had to dig inwards to find what is truly important to us. I know that this post helps you plan your New Years’ Eve and make it memorable, under the circumstances, but I wanted to personally reach out when most feel isolated and lost. I wanted to write out some lessons I personally learned as the year slowly dragged on and gradually got worse. These lessons come from straight the heart and hopefully ring true in your hearts as well:

If 2020 has brought me anything, it is clarity. I know who I can trust, I know where I feel most safe, know who I am, and most importantly, I know who loves me most.

I have become incredibly spiritual over quarantine, relying on my inner faith and nature to get me through the year. I have learned to manifest my dreams into reality and fully let go and rely on the Universe. There is a plan out there for everyone, designed by us for us. The world we live in is simply here to help us achieve our dreams. Call out to the Universe for help, and you shall receive. Never in a million years did I think I would be back in New York City or writing on a blog site. Life changes, for the better, if you feel it and fully allow it to.

I have learned to not take anything for granted. I have seen several friends lose their loved ones, their jobs, livelihoods, and much more. I don’t care if I am continually saying it, but saying “I love you” to the people we love, can save us from the what-ifs of tomorrow. Living by the day has improved my way of living tenfold.

I have learned all about myself. I love to listen to music, cook, paint, read, take walks, play with my dog, hang out with my friends (from my childhood and teenage years especially), eat dinner with my parents, and write to all of you. I love nature and feel most myself when I am surrounded by it. I enjoy envisioning my future and getting lost in daydreams: so simple, yet the very core of my essence. The simple pleasures that we used to love as children have all been resurfacing. Is it no wonder we all wish we were kids again? It is because, as children, we lived by the day. Find your inner child for some clues as to who you really are.

I have learned about humanity as the protests, elections, and pandemic took center stage. I have seen the fights and have even taken part in some verbal arguments myself. On this note, all I can say is that fighting is not going to solve anything, ever.

Lastly, I have learned to love myself & others around me to the fullest. At the end of the day, you are only left with yourself and your thoughts. Make your thoughts positive and run by love. Always allow emotions, but never let them impede your judgment. Love who you are deep inside, make life worth living, and the people around you will be able to feel your love extending onto them.

Now that the rant is over…

Here are some unique ways to bring in the New Year, despite the quarantine situation.


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Even though you won’t be able to go all out and throw a banger, you can still make it feel festive, and you should! Decorations are fun reminders that we are celebrating new beginnings. Some decorations you should consider include:




Dinnerware Sets


Horns & Squawkers

Dress Up

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Half the fun of going out is getting all glammed up. Why be in Pj’s when you can be in your flashiest cocktail fit? Let loose and dress up for yourself, even if no one is watching!


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Just as I went on a little rant up there, you should try writing down some things that 2020 has brought and taught you. By writing down the feelings you felt, the experiences you lived, and the hardships you faced, you are helping yourself mentally and emotionally. I also keep a journal of manifestations that I will be receiving in the new year. For tips on how to manifest, here is a blog I follow.

Some inspiring journals include:

This Year I Would Journal

The Gratitude Journal

True You: A Self-Discovery Journal

Manifest Book by Dreamy Moons (my personal favorite)

Books & Journals by Dreamy Moons


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Dance this year out. Release all the frustrations and let loose! Turn on your favorite songs and dance your heart out.


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Although you can’t invite everyone, you can call up your trusted friends to celebrate the evening with. If you want to ask more than a handful of people, make sure that everyone, including yourself, is tested and has not been exposed to Covid. We did this for Christmas at my house, and it made everyone feel comfortable and almost like the olden days pre-covid.


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We are never truly alone anymore in the digital age. Even though they are not physically there, your friends and family would love an invite to your online New Years’ Eve celebration.


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I will not outwardly say that drinking is vital, but would New Year’s Eve be New Year’s Eve without some bubbly? A toast to the New Year it is!


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New Year’s Eve would also not be New Year’s Eve without Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve spectacular. Watch that ball drop it low and count down to one. Kiss your lovers, eat your twelve grapes, and celebrate all that is to come!

So go ahead, love yourself, and celebrate the life you have been given. Happy New Year, everyone!

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