Dining Table Decor Ideas

There’s always room for decor, no matter the room! (Yes, this includes the garage…Lol) But today we’re going to focus on our dining tables. How can we make a simple table pop? How can we add color to a minimalist soft toned room? Whether we’re using candles as our centerpiece or a giant fruit bowl, the sky is the limit. Because I like to use decor as the accent piece in the room, I specifically love eye-catching decor. I love the effect of color on a nude room. I like the complexities decor can offer, whether it’s an intricate stone or vase. I’ve given a multitude of options below, each one different than the other so you have a variety to choose from. 

Some general rules to consider when decorating a dining table:

1. You want to make the room look cohesive. You can achieve this through balance. For example, if you’re grouping objects as the centerpiece, make sure to pair small objects with big ones & group the objects in odd numbers.

2. Function & form go hand in hand. In a perfect world, all of our decor would be both visually appealing & practical. Unfortunately, the world isn’t perfect. Fortunately, your dining table doesn’t have to be like the world. One example of form & function would be to place an eye catching decor piece (a giant crystal, set of unique flowers, etc) with a serving tray in case you get hungry & want to have a snack! 


3. Don’t be afraid to mix and match. You’d be surprised with the incredible combinations you can come up with. Trust your eye & execute. 


4. Don’t forget that decor is temporary. You can change it out as you please. Because of this, you should always trust your gut feeling. If putting a statement plant in a yellow vase is calling out to you this month, do it! There is no right way to decorate, & the more unique, the better. 

Decor Ideas:

Photo taken from Wayfair website
Photo taken from Cb2 website
Photo taken from West Elm's website
Photo taken from West Elm's website
Photo taken from West Elm's website
Photo taken from West Elm's website
Photo taken from West Elm's website
Photo taken from Burke Decor's
Photo taken from Crate & Barrel website
Photo taken from Urban Stem's website
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