“Do you have a phone charger?”

The most common question your guest is bound to ask.

“Do you have a phone charger?” This just might be the most annoying yet understandable & relatable question to have ever been received. Yes, I obviously have an iPhone charger, but now I have to go into my room, unplug it from the mess of cables next to my bed, and bring it over to you & HOPE that you give it back. “Please give it back to me when you’re done,” I say, as the guest simply nods in agreement. Later on, when happily hopping into bed after hours of having people over, as I am about to plug in my phone, I begin to realize that … they left the charger in the kitchen… or even worse, they took it by accident. Great! Tell me that hasn’t happened to you.

Just as beautiful décor and furniture are part of impressing your guest, so are the services you provide in the meantime. One of these services is providing guests with charging stations. Be advised, you may have to spend some spare money. However, when your guests come flooding in, you will never have to worry about the dreaded question again. You can thank me later.

So, what are charging stations?

Charging stations are designated areas around your home that are popular while people are over. Some examples would be the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom, and whatever other room you may be using for entertaining. These areas need chargers!!! As annoying as it is to hear it, you need to keep chargers out and about for your visitors. Not only are they for your visitors, but also for you, sweets. You have no idea how blessed you will feel when you’re chilling on the sofa, and you get the notification that your battery is at 10%, and a cable magically finds its way to you. Blessed, I tell ya!

If you are reading this and considering my proposal, here are some other considerations and tips that you may want to ponder over…

Do you usually have people over?
I do, and usually, it’s a handful. And if one friend comes, they all want to come.

Do you have friends that are just a little bit klepto?
I do, and it’s hard and almost embarrassing to call someone out on that. However, if you tell your guests as they enter the vicinity, right off the bat, that you have a charging station ready for them over yonder, their morals are going to kick in. They will realize that you went through the trouble of buying extra chargers and leaving them out for their own convenience. It’ll make the decision to steal much more difficult.

Are you lazy?
If this is a yes, like me, just do it. Save yourself the unwanted stress and just do it. No lazy person likes getting out of bed. Does anyone?

Are you frequently on your phone?
Remember that this is also to benefit you! Leaving chargers around your spaces grants your battery life all day long. Go take those selfies for hours, girl, cause you can.

Now for the nitty-gritty part.

Yes, there are a couple different types of phones out there with their own respective chargers. However, there are over 100 million people in the United States currently using an iPhone. So, your chances are pretty good. Honestly, I only know one person in my life who uses an Android. However, there are a lot of Android users out there as well; I just have yet to encounter a group of Android users that come together. So, know your people and consider having different types of chargers.

To optimize this experience, I would suggest purchasing a charging box with more than one USB port. This way, you can have the two cables for iPhone and Android located in one box.

It is also important to note that cheap chargers will mess up your phone. Don’t take the cheap route here. I will provide a budget-friendly charger that won’t do you and your guests dirty. And get this, I just found out that Apple inserts a little protective chip inside their lightning cables that protects your phone from overheating or a power surge.

Budget-friendly & safe to use chargers: Anker Quick Charge, Anker Cables, Amazon Basics

Most importantly, get them long and reachable. The longer, the better, baby. No pun intended.

Long chargers: Anker Powerline II Lightning Cable 6 Ft, Extra Long Durable Charging Cable 10 Ft, Extra Long Charging Cord for Android

At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter what charger you get as long as it functions properly and won’t kill your phone.

Other charger options include: Apple iPhone chargers, Belkin Wireless Charger, Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charger Pad with Cooling Fan for iPhones & Androids

Charging stations that are already made for you: Hercules Tough Charging Station, Wireless Charging Stand for Multiple Devices, Orico Charging Station, Courant Catch 3 QI Wireless Charger Station

Here are some examples of what a charging station can look like:

Some of these ideas include building your own DIY charging station. However, by merely placing chargers around the house, you are already winning. The choice is up to you and your decorating/hosting style. In my NYC apartment, I have chargers located in my bathroom, next to the sofa, in the kitchen, near the working area, and near the dining area. These are my most used spaces and are definitely charger friendly. People will love coming over even more so because you are showing that you care. You are placing the needs of your guests first. I love to go over friends’ homes and feel taken care of. It is part of the hosting experience, and more importantly, it is part of caring for your homies. You don’t want to send your friends off with no battery. Imagine leaving the party or hang out and realizing your phone is dead and you can’t call an Uber or ask for a ride.

In conclusion, try to always put yourself in your guest’s shoes when they are over, and success will shortly follow.

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