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Eco-friendly Bathroom Ideas

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We should all aspire to keep our bathroom toxic-free and low waste. Not only is it better for us, but for our environment too. Especially with so many new sustainable brands coming into the market, buying sustainable products has never been easier! Just like with everything else, you’ve got to start somewhere. Even just replacing one item in your bathroom for the sustainable version is a step in the right direction.


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If sustainable towels are just as cozy as your regular towel, why would you not switch to the healthier option? Delilah home sells some incredible organic cotton towels. They are made of Turkish cotton, which if you know your stuff, is the best in the market. Some other sustainable towel brands are: Coyuchi, SOL organics, Pact, and Boll and Branch.

Bath and Beauty (Plastic Free)

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Switching to plastic-free bath and beauty products will simply just being doing yourself a favor. We all know how much plastic razors suck anyways! But it doesn’t end there, you can buy zero-waste dental kids, moisturizers, hairbrushes, shampoos, conditioners, etc. The brand I’d recommend is Ecoroots. Some other brands I’d recommends are: Credo beauty, Love goodly, Follain, and Dermstore.

Bathtub Products

bath bathroom bathtub indoors
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No, towels and beauty products are not the only sustainable items you can buy for your bathroom! The list is endless, from washcloths, to bath mats, to bath bombs, and everything in between. Live Grund is a great brand. Some other brands are: Sustainable bathtub products google search.

Bathrobes and More

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And if you’re like me, your robe is your best friend. Since you spend so much time wearing it, wouldn’t you prefer to buy the best fabric for your skin? Made trade has some great options and they make much more than just bathrobes. Need a new shower curtain? How about bed sheets? Or pillowcases? The sky is the limit! Some other brands I’d recommend are: Coyuchi, Bed threads, Pact, and People Tree.

Toothpaste and Toothbrush

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Why would you not want to use the healthiest ingredients for something that’s going in your mouth? You owe it to yourself! Depending on the brand, the tooth paste can come in tablets or bottles. The naked company makes some great tablet toothpaste. The tablets clean extremely well and have a nice, refreshing taste. Other brands I’d recommend are: The other straw, Ecoroots, Georganics, and Hello.


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Yes, sustainable candles exist!! If you’re a big bath person then you definitely have candles in your bathroom. Would you not prefer them to be non-toxic? It’s not like they won’t still have an incredible scent! It’s just healthier, that’s all. Prosperity candle is a brand I’d recommend because they’re made in the U.S from women refugees and artisans. C’mon ladies!!! Let’s support our ladies. Oh, and this is a great gift idea. Some other brands I’d recommend are: Made by dwc, P.F. candle and Co., Bijou, and Slow north.

Toilet Paper

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You know how many trees they had to cut down so you can wipe your buttox this morning? Way too many. It’s time to stop being selfish and to switch to sustainable toilet paper. I would recommend the reel brand. It’s made from bamboo and it’s extremely soft. Oh, and did I mention that for every roll you buy, the company donates a biodegradable toilet to someone in need? Yep, it’s true! Some other brands I’d recommend are: Who gives a crap, Tushy, Package free, and Quilted Northern.

Loofahs and Soaps

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Last but not least, do you even know what ingredients your soaps are made out of? Well, you’re rubbing them all over your body, so it’s time you check it out…or just make your life easier and switch to sustainable soap! A couple brands I’d recommend are: The Sustainable Change, Blue Land, Beauty Counter, Ecoroots, and Good Soap.

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