Emma Gonzalez
Co-Founder & Freelance Writer at Impress the Guest

Visual Enthusiast – Creative Direction – Marketing

“As we evolve, our homes should too.”

I have always been notably passionate about Interior Design & Fashion since my high school Pinterest days. However, I would say that my taste has become a bit more refined due to the places I have traveled to and bearing witness to such an evolving & post-modern world.

Growing up in Miami, FL, I always felt compelled to see life in a completely different way than what I was born into and comfortable with. Fortunately enough, I spent my freshman year of college at NYU London, where my creativity and passion for the arts truly took form. I went on to New York City and graduated with my degree in Media, Culture, & Communication from NYU. After graduating, I found myself asking how I could use my passions while helping others find their style. I thought of becoming a personal stylist, but I felt too limited. Maybe an influencer? Eh, not my forte…

Nevertheless, being able to share with you all the parts of me that I know I am well-versed in, I believe that I am helping myself grow as a person and am helping you all grow your homes into beautiful sanctuaries that you are proud to call home. My apartment in New York has become my comfort zone, my escape from the world, and a place to showcase my individuality and quarks. Everyone deserves their dream home, and I hope that together, we can get you there!


Creating interior design mood boards.

Playing with my wiener dog, Scooby.

Walking Central Park.

Dj’ing & finding new songs.

Past Experiences

Emma has worked with high-end fashion companies, designer boutiques, & PR agencies.

You can reach me at emma@impresstheguest.com

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