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This month has been a little dull, pretty uneventful, and feeling just like every other month since quarantine began. Thankfully, it has given me a lot of time to sit on my couch all day and scroll through endless feeds and find new products to share with you all. Before we do that, let me let you in on my favorite social media tool to use and why. 

So, you want to know my secret to saving a lot of money? 

I save money by using the shopping feature on Instagram, but probably not for the reason you’re thinking. 

I save almost every single home decor item + piece of furniture I come across to my Instagram Wishlist for the SALES. I like to do this for high-end clothing & other goodies I’m trying to save big on. This is also a great way to find smaller, lesser-known brands that share common themes with the brands you follow & even save gift ideas in advance. 

Almost every single item in my cart has dropped in price. If a product that I have been eye-balling finally lowers down to a reasonable price, then I’ll consider buying it. For the most part, however, this is how I discover what stores have sales and how I can afford most of the more expensive home décor items in my apartment.

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My shopping cart right now for February looks a little (a lot) like this: 

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