March 2021

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Each month, the editors at Impress the Guest share with you unique items that have saved them time, stress, and energy when it comes to home decor and overall wellness. Focusing on bettering themselves, our team constantly searches for products that positively affect change and improve their lives. They want to share with you what has worked, why, and how it can better your lives too. Meet us every month for all things personal and perhaps some over-shares that you probably can relate to. We’re here to help improve your lives, so let us help you by sharing what has helped improve ours. 

Wow, it’s already March 2021. A whole year has come and gone, and we’re still doing the same old dance. This month, my general theme is overall wellness and finding my sanity. It hasn’t been easy this month for several reasons, which I’m sure most can relate to, and the city’s weather has not been helping. There has been a particular weirdness knowing that it’s been a whole year since Covid began. A lot has happened since, but hopefully, as the vaccine starts to roll out, our lives will return to some normalcy. As we wait for that to happen, I want to share with you the things that have helped me survive the month of March and keep it all together in one piece. I don’t think I have found my sanity, however, so if anyone sees it, let me know.


Here are my product picks for this month:

march 21

Apple Cider Vinegar Gummy Vitamins by Goli Nutrition

Back in the day, I would take straight-up apple cider vinegar shots because of the fantastic benefits. Then I learned that these shots were not good for my teeth, even though it was terrific for every other part of my body. When I found this out, I was pretty relieved, considering how disgusting the taste was. I have to thank the universe for intelligent people who turn vitamins into gummy bear form. These gummies taste great and still have all the excellent benefits of apple cider vinegar, such as supporting your skin, weight, immune system, appetite, heart health, and energy to be your healthiest self.

March 21

Wild One Walk Kit

I have always been obsessed with this minimalist pet brand. They make the trendiest, most beautifully designed dog accessories on the pet market. My mom, AKA Scooby’s grandma, decided it was about time for a change from his $10 vest into something a bit more luxurious. You know what they say, grandma’s love to treat their grandchildren! Now, Scooby looks like a million bucks and knows it. Thanks, Gma.

March 21

Natural Light Linen Couch Cover

Scooby, my wiener dog, is the worst shedder. On top of this, my couch is black velvet. What a mistake! I decided it was time for a couch cover after all the back pain from vacuuming the sofa every day. A lot of couch covers aren’t so trendy, though, which is pretty unfortunate. So, where do I go when I can’t find exactly what I need? Etsy. I was able to find the perfect oversized natural linen cover that was custom-made to our couch size. Plus, the color is in a beautiful plum, which adds much-needed color to the room.

march 21

Seek Peace Mindful Meditation Kit by Modern Sprout

As previously mentioned, this month has not been enjoyable for my sanity. I feel like my thoughts have been coming in a million miles an hour; anyone else? I was browsing the Verishop site when I encountered a lovely meditation kit that didn’t look like a waste of money, so I bought it. The kit comes with a lavender grow kit, a 5 min hourglass timer, and an essential oil roller. I love the timer because it’s such a great and simple way to take just five minutes to pause and reflect. Meditation is so important, and sadly not many people think they have time for it. I think we can all spare five minutes to grow our minds and perhaps some lavender, don’t you?

march 21

Insta Pot

This month has been all about keeping myself sane. One of my favorite things to do for myself and others is to cook, so I decided to upgrade and take it to the next level with an Instapot. Now, I can try insane new recipes that will have my food coming out très magnifique *french kiss.*

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