Emma's May Favorites

Each month, the editors at Impress the Guest share with you unique items that have saved them time, stress, and energy when it comes to home decor and overall wellness. Focusing on bettering themselves, our team constantly searches for products that positively affect change and improve their lives. They want to share with you what has worked, why, and how it can better your lives too. Meet us every month for all things personal and perhaps some over-shares that you probably can relate to. We’re here to help improve your lives, so let us help you by sharing what has helped improve ours. 


So, what’s been going on in my life to inspire this month’s products?

The month of May has been an investment for sure. My wallet and I are no longer speaking to each other, but we’ll talk it out next month. I have been so filled with inspiration lately that sometimes it can be difficult to control myself when my passions are in the driver’s seat. Regardless, I have many new goodies to share with you all & hopefully, they can inspire you too!

MoMA Design Store Goods

Meg and I went to the MoMa Design Store and left with some fun home decor pieces. I bought a blue, funky vase, while Meg bought the entire HAY mug collection, lol! We are both heavily inspired by Peggy Gou’s Berlin home/ interior decor style/ fashion taste. She truly has an eye for design & we knew we would find some cool pieces at the MoMa store that matched her vibe. 

Mondri Vase

HAY Glass Mugs - Set of 2

HAY Waffle Tea Towel Set

Bookcase from Ikea

We needed storage, bad. I wanted to have storage but also some type of display case for all our books/candles/fun home decor pieces that deserve their own place. So I opted for this bookcase from Ikea, which was assembled by a Task Rabbit in about 20 minutes. Definitely happy with this purchase.

Art Posters

I recently have been very annoyed at the white walls in our apartment. They deserve to be decorated too! So I decided to buy some new framed art posters and place them around the home. These posters have given so much color and character to the space and we absolutely love it.

Travasi Olive Oil Dispenser

I briefly discussed this in my Salt & Pepper post, but I cannot stand buying household items just because I need it at the moment, without waiting to buy one that I actually like. Instead of buying boring salt and pepper shakers from the grocery store, why not look online for better options? I found this olive oil dispenser that doubles as a cool home decor piece & I feel like this is how you should be shopping for home decor, with time and patience. Wait until you find items that you absolutely love and won’t get tired of.

The Shed defender

Okay, so not everyone is going to agree with me on this one, but I don’t care. Scooby sheds so much hair and I am sick & tired of vacuuming the couch two/three times a day.  I am also sick of having to put a couch cover that takes away from the beautiful couch. So after doing some research, I found this onesie for dogs called the Shed Defender. Scooby isn’t a huge fan, but he is totally mobile and it helps so much. I love it and use it on days that we’re chilling on the sofa for hours. 

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