Essential Pet Products for Apartment Living

If you have ever considered getting a pet but haven’t because you live in an apartment, this is your sign. Whoever said it’s impossible to manage a pet in an apartment was not prepared or isn’t an animal person. As an apartment dweller with a very demanding wiener dog, I can honestly say that my dog has made my life a million times better regardless of where we live or how much space we have. We take our daily strolls, lounge pretty much all day, and cuddle in bed all night. He has his toys, bed, food, and most importantly, is a happy camper. In my building alone, there are more than a handful of doggos living that sweet apartment life just as Scooby is, and most of them being much larger. So if they can do it, you can too.

Most newer apartment buildings go the extra mile these days and have fantastic pet amenities such as dog parks, pet spas, and maybe treats at the counter like in my old building. You may even make new pet owner friends, aka possible sitters, and your baby may be besties with the neighbor’s dog. Have you heard of any negatives yet?

However, there are those rare occasions when your pet accidentally relieves him or herself in the wrong spot. Maybe they get sick, maybe they made a mess, maybe this, maybe that. The rug is a classic splash zone & our sofa has seen better days, yet, everything is fixable with these heaven-sent pet products. 

First Aid Kit 

Just as you have your first aid kit on deck for possible emergencies, your pet needs one too. Every family member needs to be safe, protected and prepared for anything.  

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Pet beds are even more necessary when there’s less space. Dogs especially need a place to retreat when they want to be alone. Beds protect their bodies, while floors can be damaging to the health of your pet. Plus, it keeps your bed/sofa clean while they cuddle in theirs. So, make sure to treat your pet to the best bed out there. Check out our dog bed article for the best options on the market. 

Did you know that cats spend ⅔’s of their life sleeping? Sleep is vital for cats, yet many cats don’t care for beds and probably won’t even want one. However, it’s worth a shot, and who knows, maybe they will eventually decide to like them.

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If there are individual rooms off-limits in your apartment, consider adding a gate. There are very modern/sleek looking options that don’t make your apartment look like grandma’s house. 

From CB2

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Crates are useful for housetraining training puppies and a haven for older dogs. Many dogs love their crates and retreat to them when they want to be in their own space. When no one is around, you can be assured that your dog won’t make a mess or break anything when you’re not home.

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Furniture Protectant 

If your pet chews, sheds a lot or likes to leave a mess, consider purchasing a furniture protectant. They are slipcovers that go on top of your sofas and chairs to protect your furniture from any pet damage. 

Shop here for $119

Grooming Kit 

Always keep your pet’s coat, nails, and teeth healthy and shiny with a grooming kit ready to use.

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Walking Supplies

It’s imperative to walk your dog when living in an apartment. Dogs need a daily release of all that pent-up energy; if not, that energy will go right back into chewing up all your furniture. It’s recommended that apartment dogs get at least two outings a day for around 30-45 minutes. Go to your neighborhood park, maybe run some errands, and treat your pooch to some vitamin d and exercise. 

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Mind-Exercising Toys

Toys such as the Kong are great for keeping your pets busy and happy for hours. According to The Dog People, “Often recommended by dog behaviorists, these interactive dog toys are designed to help keep your dog busy while you’re away, stave off boredom, and stimulate their natural curiosity. While these toys offer much-needed mental stimulation for your pup, nothing can replace the value of engaging in interactive play with your dog (i.e., tug-of-war or fetch). But when you can’t be there, puzzle toys are a great supplement.”

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Cats, too, like to be challenged. Toys keep them active, out of trouble, and entertained for hours, just like dogs. 

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Always keep treats on hand. Positive reinforcement with treats is a great learning tool for pets who are motivated by food. It also brightens their day just as candy brightens ours. 

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Chewing Spray 

Bad tasting anti-chew sprays help teach your pet to stop chewing on unwanted items as well as from gnawing on themselves. 

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Lint Rollers 

If you have an animal that sheds, you need a lint roller. And not just any lint roller, a hard-core pet lint roller. 

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Pet Relief 

Besides the daily strolls, your pet needs a place to go to when they need to go. If your fortunate enough to have a balcony, like me, you can afford yourself a fresh grass patch that sits outside. However, there are also great indoor pet relief options such as self-cleaning litter boxes, fresh grass patches, and brilliant self-cleaning pads. 

Chill X Self Cleaning Litter Box

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I am currently using a small business service that delivers a fresh patch of grass to my apartment every two weeks because Scooby refuses to go on fake grass. There are many services out there that can do the same, so don’t stress the dog relief stuff. You’ll find one that works for you, your dog, and your home. 

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Hand-Held Vacuum 

Even if you don’t have a pet, I recommend owning a hand-held vacuum. They are great for tough to reach spots and small messes that can be easily cleaned up with a swoosh. 

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Food Placemat

Food placemats help prevent spills during feeding time. 

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Cat Scratching Post 

As well all know, cats love to scratch. A cat scratching post satisfies their need to scratch in an appropriate manner and place. Plus, they help groom your cat’s nails. 

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Dog Fitbit & Activity Monitor 

If you’re not sure if your pup is getting enough exercise daily, try investing in a Fitbit for dogs. They are tracking devices (which are a major plus) that record and monitor your dog’s activity with fitness goals set manually. 

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Food & Toy Storage

Living in an apartment has taught us all about space management, organization, and storage. Don’t leave your pet’s toys all around the apartment and overwhelm yourself. Every night I pick up all of Scooby’s toys and store them in a basket. The next morning, he picks which toys he wants to play with that day. The same goes for cats.

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When it comes to storing food, try to store it where your pet cannot reach or see it. Keep the food out of sight and out of mind. 

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