For the Friend Who Has Everything

We all have that one friend who is hard to please or surprise. Is it because they have everything? Or is it because materialistic things don’t satisfy them anymore? There isn’t a set and stone answer but what I can say is that there is a gift for everyone, including the people who have everything. You just have to think outside of the box. Generally, when buying someone a gift, you think about what they need or what they like. But the friend who has everything doesn’t need anything and already has everything she/he likes. So, what now? You change the mindset. You don’t think about what they need or like, you think about relating to them in the most random way. For example, if the friend who has everything has a dog, I bet they don’t have pajamas with their dogs face all over it. You have to get creative! They don’t care about receiving yet another item, they care about what’s going to make them feel like they just received something they finally don’t have. It’s going to take thought which is why I have decided to write this post. I hope by the time you get to the bottom, I have helped you narrow down your search or inspired you with an idea. 

For the friend who has everything – Home goods edition

Wick Trimmer

Your friend who has everything obviously has candles, so buying them more candles is probably not going to impress them or excite them. But what your friend might not have is a wick trimmer. Wick trimmers are used to trim the wicks of a candle. They’re like scissors, but scissors that are specifically made for candle wicks. They’re nice to have because when the wick gets all out of control, so does the distribution of the fuel, which after plenty of time, takes life away from the candle. 

Wick trimmer – $10
Sinen Candle Wick Trimmer – $12.99
Wick trimmer – $11.95

Bath Tub Wine Glass Holder

As I mentioned above, you need to get creative. Think about the things your friend likes to do. Is he/she someone who loves to take baths and drink wine? If so, they probably already have the basic essentials such as the bath bombs, the bath pillows, bath salts, and the fancy wine glasses. But they probably don’t have a wine cup glass holder that is meant for their tub! You can even go a step further and add their initials on the glass.

Wine Glass Holder Shower & Bath Suction Cup – $13.99
Bath & Shower Portable Cupholder – $14.95
Bathtub Wine Glass Holder. Portable Wall Mount, Suction Cup, Safe for Bath, Shower, Includes Wine Glass – $19.90

Electric Bottle Opener

If your friend loves wine, then she/he probably already has a nice stash of bottles. Getting them another won’t change anything. But what about their bottle opener? Are they using a simple one or a very complex one? Make their life 10 times easier and buy them an electric one so that they won’t have to waste their time twisting into the bottle.

Brentwood Appliances Electric Wine Bottle Opener Kit – $34.99
Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener with Foil Cutter – $19.99
Electric Wine Bottle Opener Stainless Steel  – $38.99

Monogrammed Cutting Board

If your friend likes to cook, she/he probably already has all the unique kitchen gadgets. But what they may not have is a monogrammed cutting board, and the boards are not limited to initials! You can write anything on them, whether it’s their name, their nick name, or just something they remind you of. 

Custom Personalized Laser Engraved Bamboo Cutting Board – $24.99
Personalized Mini Wood Cutting Board – $51.99
Personalized Engraved Custom Cutting Board – $30

Ash tray

This one might not be for everyone! But if your friend is a smoker, then you know how much they appreciate their ash trays. If you want to buy them a unique ash tray that will impress them, think about their interests and mesh them into an ashtray. For example, if your friend loves make up, you can buy them an ash tray that’s in the shape of lips. 

Wood Cigar Ashtray for Outdoor Patio – $28.99
Creative Ceramic Cigarette Ashtrays with Lips – Click to see buying options
Amethyst Cigarette Ashtray Gemstone  – $18.99

Coffee table book / Custom coffee table book made of their pictures

If your friend has everything, then he/she probably has coffee table books. But you can never have enough coffee table books nor can you have all of them as so many exist! If a coffee table book is something you think your friend would like, then I would recommend to think about the color/theme in the room they’re going to put it in to help narrow down your search. Now if you want to get super personable and unique, you can create a custom coffee table book made of their pictures. This is obviously the more pricy option, but it’s one they’ll appreciate and keep forever.

The Best 50+ Coffee Table Books of 2020
Make your own coffee table book

Salt and pepper holders

This one is random, I know, but that’s the point! If your friend loves having dinner parties then they love décor and detail. Additionally, because this is so niche, it’s probably going to be the first time they receive a gift like this. 

Salt and pepper holder- $24.95
Salt and pepper Cellar with Swivel Top – $26.99
Bamboo Salt and Pepper Cellars – Spice Containers – $24.99

For the friend who has everything – dog edition

Customized Pajamas 

Although that friend may have everything, they probably don’t have customized pajamas with their dogs face on it. In the rare case that they already have something similar, it will not be as unique as what you’ve gotten them. Either way, it will be one of the more thoughtful gifts they have received. I have pasted the link below to where you can get these customized dog pajamas. 

Custom Pajamas – $39.95
Custom pajama set – $28.99

Customized Dog Portrait

And what exactly is more wonderful than having your dogs self-portrait on your wall? As if coming home to them isn’t already incredible enough, imagine a painting made specifically of them. There is also a really high chance that your friend does not already have this, despite having everything. So, not only is it a thoughtful gift, but also a unique one. I have pasted the link below to where you can purchase a customized dog portrait your pup(s). 

Custom pet portraits – Prices vary

Customized Dog Socks

Although your friend may have everything, they can always have a couple more pairs of socks. Especially the ones that can’t stand walking around barefoot! Now imagine a cozy pair of socks with their dogs face on it. Again, a thoughtful and unique gift. 

Custom Personalized Photo Pet Face Socks – Price vary
Custom Face Socks with Picture – $13.99

Toys/clothes for their dog

If your friend has everything, their dog probably does too. But hey, nothing will warm your friends heart more than you getting their dog an outfit or a new toy! That is also probably not a gift they receive often.

5 Pack Dog Squeaky Toys – $21.99
Haute Diggity Dog Starbarks Coffee – $15.91
Cooling Chew Toy – $9.99

For the friend who has everything – Cozy edition 


I’d be lying to you if I told you your friend who has everything doesn’t have slippers. But, you can never have enough pairs of slippers and gifting them slippers can be a great way to get personable and relate to them. For example, if your friend has a wiener dog, you can get her slippers with wiener dogs on them. Another example, your friend may have a gazillion pairs of slippers but they might not have a pair with their initials monogrammed on them! Again, think outside of the box and get creative. 

Silver Lilly Dachshund Slippers  – $19.99
Women’s Fuzzy Fluffy Furry Fur Slippers – $20.99
Embroidered White Waffle Weave Spa Slippers – $19.99


Even if your friend has a closet full of sweatpants, I promise you they could always use another pair. Now that we’re all working from home especially, loungewear is an ideal gift. Additionally, If you’d like to go a step further, you can also customize them to look/say whatever you’d like.

Women’s High Waisted Sweatpants – $24.99
Women’s Cashmere Wide Leg Pants – $31-40
Sweatpants – Prices Vary

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