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HIGH Fashion

The best ashtrays for smokers & home decor for non-smokers.

Welcome my 4/20 feigns, cigars kings and queens, & vaping teens.

If you’re a smoker like me, you know how essential an ashtray is for your home. I have a good collection of ashtrays myself, all of which are unique, stylish, and each having a touch of me in them. 

Even though inhaling the greens & nicotine is considered bad for your health, ashtrays have never gone out of style. The 19th century may have brought the ashtrays out to play, but it wasn’t until the 20th century that it became an art form. You know why? Women, and we LOVE to hear it.

As more and more women started smoking in the early 1900s, they set the ashtrays scene and made them HIGH fashion. Only women have that superpower, sorry guys! But don’t worry, men, you have other accomplishments to take pride in. Unfortunately, it seems like the term smoking hot can only apply to women for a reason… Joking! (maybe).

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Let’s get blazed!!!

For the Luxury Smoker 

The Hermes & Versace Ashtrays are a staple for those living as well as smoking large. For these two luxury brands, however, they are usually sold out in the store. Most of the time, you do have to do a little bit of research on vintage/resale sites, but you will definitely find one. There are several exquisite ashtrays by Hermes & Versace: 

Hermes Mosaique au 24 gold ashtray ($800)

Hermes Savana Dance Ashtray ($700)

Hermes Sellier Change Tray ($610)

Hermès Chevaux à la Couverture set of 4 ashtrays, Mini Model ($670)

Versace Home Le Regne Animal Ashtray ($303)

Versave Home Medusa Lumiere Haze Ashtray ($359)

Some more luxury ashtrays include:

Roberto Cavalli Crocodile Ashtray Notch – Clear/Gold ($579)

Halcyon Days Gordon Castle Antler Trellis Ashtray ($310)


Lalique Wingen Ashtray ($1054)

For the Funky Smoker

NUDE Altruist Cigar Tray ($51) 

Fornasetti Tema e Variazioni Ashtray ($269.98)

Fornasetti Locandina La Boheme Sheet Ashtray ($193)

Seletti Holy Smokes Ashtray ($76)

Casacarta Leaf Trinket Tray/Ashtray ($138)

Jonathan Adler Full Dose Coaster Set of 4 ($68)

Jonathan Adler Druggist Coasters Set of 4 ($78)

Higher Standards x Jonathan Adler Hashish Triangle Box ($70)

For the Stylish Smoker

Fornasetti Mano con Anelli Rectangular Ashtray & Trinket Tray ($276)

Casacarta Evil Eye Trinket Tray/Ashtray ($138)

Jonathan Adler Lips Trinket Tray ($98)

Jonathan Adler Eyes Valet Tray ($68)

Edie Parker Ashtray With Lid ($295)

Off-White Ceramic Ashtray ($130)

For the Smart Smoker 

Higher Standards Marley Natural Crystal Ashtray ($64.99)

Zone Tech Car Ash Tray ($9.25)

Smart Tray Telescopic Floor Stand Ashtray ($25.94)

For the Budgeted Smoker

Kaforise Crystal Ashtray ($21.99)

WaaHome Small White Ashtray Round Ceramic Ashtray ($13.99)

WaaHome Ashtray Round Glossy Ceramic Ashtray ($13.99)

Deli Green Apple Crystal Heavy Glass Ashtray ($8.99)


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