Home Delivery Subscriptions You Should Know Exist

Nothing beats convenience. Who would prefer to get up, put clothes on, drive to a store, pick out products, drive back home & change if they didn’t have to? It’s 2021 which means almost everything is accessible through your phone. What used to be considered an errand is now finger taps away, with that being the entirety of the effort. I mean even saying you still go & do your own groceries is old school….Therefore, I decided I’d fill you in on a few home delivery subscriptions that exist to make your needs & wants conveniently & effortlessly accessible. So, without further ado:

1. Home chef

Photo taken from Home Chef website

Hate going to the grocery store? Not sure how to maintain a healthy and balanced diet? Well then home chef is exactly what you need. Starting at $7.99 a meal, home chef sends you weekly pre-portioned ingredients with recipes that are so easy to follow! Home chef accommodates both vegetarians and meat eaters & gives you plenty of options to choose from. Are you convinced yet?

Home chef subscription

2. Astor wines & spirits – top 12 mixed case

Photo taken from Astor Wines & Spirit’s website

Can’t get by without a glass of wine every night? Fed up with paying $30 for a decent bottle each time? Say no more! Astor wines & spirits will send you 12 bottles of their newest discovered wines every month for $174.99. That’s just under $15 dollars a bottle…sounds like a steal to me! 😉

Astor wines & spirits top 12 mixed case subscription

3. TeaBox

Photo taken from TeaBox’s website

If you start your day off by drinking a cup of tea, then listen up. For $39.99 a month, TeaBox will send you 5 varieties of tea (up to 64 cups)! They don’t charge you for shipping and they change the variety up each month. Now that my friends is the tea! 😉

TeaBox subscription

4. Try the world

Photo taken from Try the World’s website

Curious about what food from other countries tastes like? For just $19 a month, you’ll get a taste of the “world’s snack box” – 6 snacks from 6 different places. And if you’re willing to spend a little more ($39), you’ll get “countries box” – consisting of 7-8 gourmet foods, ingredients, snacks & drinks.

Try the world subscriptions

5. Bark Box

Photo taken from Bark Box’s website

Pups are the best part of every household….which is why they deserve bark box. For $22 a month, your pup will be sent a themed box filled with treats & toys – their biggest dream. And yes, they switch the variety up every month.

Bark Box subscription

6. Care/of

Photo taken from Care/of’s website

Feeling malnourished? In need of vitamins but not sure which ones? Answer a few questions and care/of will send you supplements, vitamins, minerals, herbs, and probiotics made just for you. Starting at $5 a month, care/of will send you 30 packets every month filled with all the nutrients you want & need on a daily basis.

Care/of subscription

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