How To Make Your Bed Look And Feel Like A 5 Star Hotel Bed

I don’t know about you, but my favorite part about traveling is the hotel bed and room service. It excites me so much I decided to bring the experience into my own room and it’s made all the difference in the world! For this reason, I wanted to share how I did it to hopefully inspire you and give you that push to do the same. Before you know it, you’ll be looking forward to going to bed at 9 pm 😉

First things first, get a good mattress

Photo taken from Plush Bed’s website

It is absolutely essential that you pick a good mattress. Hotels pride themselves in the comfort they provide to their guests for a reason. Any tempur-pedic mattress should do. I’ve written a post about mattresses in case you’re unsure of which you should get, I’ve attached it here. And my advice to you, don’t focus too much on the price. Remember, your mattress is going to last you for at least 8-10 years, which is pennies a day when you do the math and many years of a healthy back.

Now for the bedding

Photos taken from Williams Sonoma and Perigold website

Most hotels stick to white bedding, so you should too. White bedding also gives off that cloud like aesthetic and makes the room and bed look extremely fresh and clean. The most common hotel bedding is white with 3 taupe striped lines going in a square shape, I’ve attached a photo of what that looks like above.


As for the sheets, you want to purchase a mattress cover + a fitted and/or flat sheet that feels really smooth. Paying attention to the thread count is key. For those that don’t know, the higher the thread count, the softer the bedsheet. 300+ thread count bed sheets made with Egyptian cotton are what most hotels use. The reason for this is because cotton is a breathable material that helps you stay cool. I’ve attached below the bedding I have as well as other options.

Italian Percale Queen Fitted Sheet, by Hotel Collection – $75.99 (on sale now)
800 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Queen Flat Sheet, by HC – $149.99 (on sale now)
Luxe Core Sheet Set – $139
Frette Hotel Classic Sheets – $500
Triple Luxe Sateen Sheet Set with Arctic Embroidery | Hotel Collection – $325

Comforter & Duvet Cover:

Layering is key to every ultra fluffy hotel bed. A down comforter + and a white cotton duvet cover is what you’re going for. For the ultimate results, purchase inserts that are 2 inches wider and longer than your duvet cover.


Reversible Down Alternative Full/Queen Comforter – $47.99 (on sale now)
Down Comforter – $224.10
600 Fill Power All-season Asheville Duck Down Comforter – $269.99
The Buffy Cloud comforter – $135.15

Duvet Covers:

Italian Percale Full/Queen Duvet Cover, By Hotel Collection- $230.99 (on sale now)
Sferra Grande Hotel Duvet Cover – $71.30 (on sale now)
100% Premium Cotton Embroidered 3 Piece Duvet Set – $94.31 (on sale now)
Echelon Home Three Line Hotel Collection Cotton Sateen 3-piece Duvet Cover Set – $88.39 (on sale now)

Pillow talk

Photo taken from Macys website

Hotels love to go hard on pillows. In my opinion, a little too hard. I personally don’t find it necessary to fill my bed with 10 pillows, so I stick to 4 instead. Down pillows, feather pillows, and European pillow shams are the ideal kind. The rest are usually throw pillows. I’ve written a post on throw pillows in case you’re looking for some inspo, I’ve attached it here. But beyond finding the right pillow, you need to FLUFF the pillow correctly!! This part is huge! I don’t care how expensive your pillow is, if it’s not fluffed properly, you are not getting the ultimate hotel bed experience. To fluff, either slap both sides about three to four times with your hands or slap the pillows against each other a couple times, whatever you prefer. Both work just as well!


St. Regis Hotels Feather & Down Pillow – Lofty Feather and Down Pillow – Queen – $105
Down Pillow – $62.10 (on sale now)
Feather and down pillow by Waldorf Astoria – $66.75-$74.25
Feather and down pillow by Sofitel Boutique – $82-$99
The Ritz-Carlton pillow – $89-$119


Set of Two Italian Percale Standard Pillowcases, 100% Cotton by HC – $48.99 (on sale now)
Pillow protector Set of 2 – $29-$39
Set of Two Classic 800 Thread Count, 100% Egyptian Cotton Pillowcases – $86.99 (on sale now)
1000 Thread Count Standard Pillowcase by HC – $101.99 (on sale now)
Classic Egyptian Cotton Set of Two Standard Pillowcases by HC – $65.99 (on sale now)

Decorative Pillows:

Hotel Collection Decorative & Throw Pillows by Macy’s – Prices Vary
W hotel decorative pillows – Prices Vary
Impress the Guest throw pillow suggestions – Prices Vary

One last thing:

Depending on how identical you want your bed to look and feel like a hotel bed, you can go as far as purchasing directly from the luxury hotels. Most of them sell their mattresses, pillows, and linens.

Now to put it all together and make the bed:

Photo taken from Ann Street Studio’s website

Step 1: Lay down the mattress cover to protect the mattress and make it more cozy

Step 2: Lay down the fitted sheet and tuck it in (iron your sheets for a crisp feel or dry them in a dryer and immediately place them on your bed slightly damp. Wait till they dry.)

Step 3: Add your flat sheet and make sure the decorative trim is placed at the top of your bed. Make sure the sheet is evenly spread out throughout your whole bed. Fold the sheet over slightly at the top.

Step 4: Tuck everything in – start by picking a corner and pulling the layers towards you.

Step 5: Wrap the corners around the bed and then tuck it under the bed.

Step 6: Repeat on every corner

Step 7: Add your comforter + duvet cover and make sure it’s evenly spread on your bed

Step 8: Add a throw blanket at bottom of bed (optional)

Step 9: Fluff your pillows and stack them (make sure it’s even. What is done to one side must be done to the other.)

Step 10: Add a decorative pillow(s) (optional)

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