How To Organize Your Pantry Like A Professional

Kitchen pantry’s can get quickly cluttered if you don’t stay on top of your organization game. Although a little bit of clutter may not seem like the worst thing in the world, spending money on groceries you already have is not the best feeling either! Beyond saving money, an organized pantry will help you better use your space, inspire you to cook, keep pantry bugs away, keep you updated on what you’re running low on, and will make cleaning feel like less of a chore! That all being said – there are multiple ways you could go about organizing your pantry. I’ve listed below the products I use to organize my own pantry.

Before you start, clean out your entire pantry and then clean the pantry. Starting on a clean slate will make this process much more enjoyable!

Categorize by Sections

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-Baking section
-Pasta, rice, bread, cereal & easily made meals section
-Canned goods sections
-Water bottles, canned sodas, tea’s, other beverages sections
-Spices, sauces, & condiment section
-Ziploc bags, aluminum foil, plastic bags, paper towels and all other storage products section


Glass or Plastic Containers

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Why shuffle through cardboard boxes if you could purchase clear containers instead? Not only will you be able to see everything you have, but you’ll know what you’re running low on, you’ll keep bugs away, and your pantry will be so aesthetically pleasing! If you’re eco-friendly, glass is the sustainable option. I would recommend putting cereals, cookies, pastas, oats, nuts, and chips in the glass or plastic containers.

Label Maker

Adding labels to your containers can only make your life easier.  I’ve attached a few options below.

Bins – of Any Kind of Material

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Beyond just storing your products, storage bins organize them and make for a great aesthetic. You can put anything you’d like in the bins, whether it’s water bottles, paper towels, tupperware, extra condiments, canned goods, pasta boxes, ziploc bags, etc.

Spice Grippers

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Spice grippers can be clipped onto any drawer or door in your pantry. If you’re looking to save space, clipping it onto your door is your best bet.

Revolving Caddy’s

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A caddy is another efficient way to organize your spices, pasta boxes, canned goods, quickly made meals, etc. Additionally, this specific caddy is modular which means it’s designed to fit side by side in order to make room for other things. Comes with labels too to help you organize!

3-Tier Pantry Organizers

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The 3 tiers make the rack highly functional, allowing you to see and access all your spices at the same time.

Adhesive Organizer Bins

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The walls in your pantry are not useless! Stick some adhesive organizer bins onto your walls to make room for more products.

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