Kitchen Tools, Gadgets, & Accessories You Need

Don’t you hate it when you’re cooking, and you have to go full renaissance mode and do things the old fashion way even though you know there’s probably already a device out there that could make your life 10x easier. Yep, me too! 

That is why buying these random yet essential kitchen accessories elevates your cooking game, all the while saving you loads of time. 

To keep your kitchen space running smoothly, you need the right tools.

Before we dive into the more technical accessories, let’s check out some essential kitchen gadgets that help you organize your space as well as improve the techniques needed to perfect a meal:

Essential Kitchen Gadgets

Dish Drainer/Dish Drying Racks

Dish drainers are essentially a caddy and drying station for your wet dishes right out of the wash. There are a couple of different types of dish drying racks out there. Just make sure that the rack will be able to fit somewhere around your sink area, so it’s easily accessible.

Over the Sink Racks:
Surpahs Over the Sink Roll Up Dish Drying Rack, Over Shelf Dish Rack
Small Kitchen Dish Racks: Boosiny Kitchen Dish Rack, Ikea Dish Rack
Expandable Dish Racks: iPEGTOP Expandable Deep and Large Dish Drying Rack
Best Sink Racks: Simplehuman Dish Rack, Kitchenaid Dish Rack

Spice Racks

Spice racks are a MUST. They are the most effective and efficient way of storing and working with your spices. Here are the best spice racks for optimizing your space:

Ikea Spice Rack
Magnetic Spice Rack
Wooden Spice Rack
Slide Out Spice Rack
Best Spice Rack
3 Tier Spice Pantry Kitchen Cabinet Organizer

Plate Racks

I really didn’t know I needed a plate rack until I had one. These racks are a stylish and practical way of storing your plates. There are even plate racks for storing your pots and pans. I place my plate racks in cabinets because they fit with ease, and no one can see them. They serve as an organizational tool for my dishes, pots, and pans. Some of the best multifunctional dish racks include:

Dish Organizer Plate Rack
Diversified Euro Kitchen Organizer
Rose Gold-Tone Metal Kitchen Dish Storage Organizer

Utensil Stands + Holders

As the words suggest, these are storage containers for your utensils. Utensil stands vertically hang the utensils, for easy access. Whereas with a utensil holder, they hold them all in place and tend to be more for storage and a minimalistic appearance.

Utensil Stands: Modern 304 Utensil Stand, Rotensil Rotating Utensil Stand
Utensil Holders: Jumbo Stainless Steel Utensil Holder, PriorityChef Kitchen Utensil Holder

Lazy Susan Cabinets

Lazy Susan’s are underrated in my opinion!  These bad boys are not just easily accessible and awesome organizers, but they also have a rotating design, which allows for easy access to all your food products with a short turn. They are typically used for storing food products like spices, teas, sugars, snacks, etc. Popular Lazy Susan Cabinets include:

Most Versatile: OXO Good Grips Lazy Susan Turntable
Double Decker: Lipper Bamboo 2 Tier Lazy Susan
Best for Entertaining: Lipper Acacia Wood Lazy Susan

Chopping Boards

 Chopping boards are an absolute must! The more, the merrier. While most cutting boards are basically the same in appearance, some are sturdier based on the materials they are made from. So pick one that most suits your personal style:

Best Cutting Board
Glass Chopping Board
Personalized Cutting Board
End Grain Cutting Board
Wood Cutting Board
Epicurean Cutting Board
Bamboo Cutting Board


Stackable Steamer Inserts

These are pretty neat devices! They allow you to cook multiple/different foods at once. All you have to do is insert the steamer stacks into your pressure cooker, and voila! No more worrying about how long one food would take to cook to put the next one in. Gone are the days of single-handed tasks. Some famous stackable steamer inserts include:

3 Tier Stainless Steel Steamer Pot For Cooking With Stackable Pan Insert
Two Tier Steamer Insert Stackable Food Design
Stackable Steamer Insert Pans Compatible with Instant Pot

Kitchen Accessories

Now I want to introduce you to accessories that have made my life easier and my cooking cleaner. These little guys are amazing and tend to make the cooking experience much more fun and simpler for you. Your food will also come out better as a result.

Egg Slicer
Pineapple Corer
Rubber Spatula
Pastry Brush
Cooking Tongs
Hand Juicer
Kitchen Scissors
Kitchen Torch Food Chopper

Now, get to cookin’!!!!

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