Luxury Game Sets that Double as Home Decor

How to give life to luxury with these designer game sets to brighten any home.

Gone are the days of hiding the board games and dice in our messy storage closets. As quarantine left us sitting at home with nothing to do, we started to remember the things we used to do as children to keep us distracted for hours on end. One of these things was playing board games with friends and family. It used to be that we brought out the dusty, vintage cardboard games on a rainy day or when the power went out. Now, we turn back the clock and add life to our homes with games that everyone loves, but with a new twist, luxury design. These game sets are so fabulously designed that they deserve to be fully displayed. The coffee table or media console are great areas to have your sets seen by all. 

Impress anyone that comes over your next game night with these whimsical designer games sets:

Links found down below.

Versace Domino Set; Shop here for $2,500

Tiffany & Co. Metallic Playing Cards; Shop here for $100

Edie Parker Checkers Set; Shop here for $1,895

Jonathan Adler Backgammon Set; Shop here for $395

Ralph Lauren Fowler Chess Set; Shop here for $1,995

Louis Vuitton Monogram Tower; Shop here 

SUNNYLIFE Lucite 4 In A Row Game; Shop here for $131

AERIN Enzo Travel Card Set; Shop here for $325

Jonathan Adler Versailles Playing Card Set; Shop here for $35

Contemporary Minimalist Green & Yellow Murano Glass Chess Set on Mirrored Board; Shop here for $395

MoMa Design Store Colorful Backgammon Set; Shop here for $96

MoMa Design Store Frank Stella Jigsaw Puzzle – 750 Pieces; Shop here for $20

AERIN Shagreen Mancala Set; Shop here for $1,500

AERIN Faux-Shagreen Checkers Set; Shop here for $1,995

Aurosi Acrylic Tumble Tower Set; Shop here for $160

2-in-1 Chess & Checkers Set; Shop here for $55

CB2 Acrylic Tumbling Tower; Shop here for $69.95

CB2 Acrylic Four in a Row ; Shop here for $129

CB2 Black Shagreen Poker Set; Shop here for $89.95

Printworks Dusk 500 Piece Puzzle; Shop here for $25

Hygge Games Damn Right, Hell No! Party Game; Shop here for $20

AREAWARE Dusen Dusen & Gradient Puzzle Set; Shop here for $40-$75

Architect’s Cubes; Shop here for $58

Three-In-A-Row Sculpture ; Shop here for $272.50

Shinola Monopoly: Shinola Detroit Edition Game; Shop here for $395

Pigeon and Poodle Keokee Domino Box Set ; Shop here for $345

MoMA Writer’s Block Game; Shop here for $48

Piecework 1,000-Piece Puzzle – Paradise Found; Shop here for $36

KINN Conversation Cards; Shop here for $28

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