Meg’s April Favorites

Each month, the editor at Impress the Guest shares with you unique items that have saved her time, stress, and energy when it comes to home decor and overall wellness. Focusing on bettering herself, she constantly searches for products that improve her life. She wants to share with you what has worked, why, and how it can better your lives too. Meet her every month for all things personal and perhaps some over-shares that you probably can relate to. 

Happy end of April! I hope this month has treated you with new experiences, uplifting moments, and smiles all around. Different from my previous months, I used this month to do a lot of relaxing and self-reflection. I’m usually the person that gets stressed out about not having extremely productive days, but I decided to take a break from all of that this month. I spent a lot of time with my family and friends, a lot of time in the sun, and even more time eating. What I thought would be “too much” free time actually helped me to shut off the millions of thoughts that flood my brain every second. Yes, living in the moment is clearly something I don’t do much of. But this month has helped show me that it is in fact possible and wonderful, too! I feel as refreshed as ever and therefore wanted to encourage you guys to slow down, take a break, and stop thinking ahead (even if it’s just for one day). It goes a long way for your mental health and brings you back as productive as ever. Here are a few things that have made April extra better for me:

Supergoop Sunscreen

Photo taken from Amazon's website

I’ve spent extra time in the sun this past month, so this guy has been in my purse every single day but besides that… I am a big sunscreen activist. I don’t care how cloudy it is, I’ll still wear sunscreen. I like to put it on both my hands and face so that ya know, the wrinkles stay as a far away from me as possible. 🙂 Side note, this sunscreen is also special because it’s clear! 

Ouai Chill Pills (Bath Bombs)

Photo taken from Sephora's website

Bath time is vital to my weekly if not daily routine. Therefore, I am constantly trying out different bath bombs, bubbles, and epson salts to enhance my experience. These bath bombs are more luxe than your average, but they are actually worth every dollar. I come out of my bath feeling soft, refreshed, and moisturized. If you’re in need of decompressing, I highly recommend trying these out.

Unique Tableware

Because I’ve been cooking a ton recently, I decided to invest in stylish + unique tableware to make my meals look extra delish. My go to spot for unique anything is Etsy so I’ve attached a link to it below. 


Photo taken from Revolve's website

If there’s anything that’s changed about me throughout quarantine, it’s my new obsession with comfortable clothes. I used to be all about look over comfort until I couldn’t leave my house for months. Not complaining though! Revolve is my favorite place to shop PJ’s because of the endless selection of brands and options. I’ve linked it below. 

Gisou Hair Mask

Photo taken from Amazon's website

Hair care is in and this mask is it! Though it’s a bit pricy, you see results rather quickly, making it all worth it. It’s a generously filled bottle too, so it’ll last you some time. 

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