Meg's August Must-Haves

Each month, the editor at Impress the Guest shares with you unique items that saved her time, stress, and energy when it comes to home decor and overall wellness. Focusing on bettering herself, she constantly searches for products that improve her life. She wants to share with you what has worked, why, and how it can better your lives too. Meet her every month for all things personal and perhaps some over-shares that you probably can relate to. 

Happy August! I cannot believe the year is almost over…where does the time go?! As we get ready to ring in the holidays, it’s important we’re stocked with all the decor and wellness products we may need. That way, we can enjoy each and everyday without a worry in the world. Beyond that, I hope you have all been doing great. I am so grateful if you’re here reading this blog and truly hope I am providing you with the all the things you want/need. As always, if there’s a specific topic you’d like to know more about or a certain product you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at the email in my about page. I am happy to help/offer guidance. 

What I've listed below will be useful for the following:

Wellness Products: to keep you happy, healthy, and optimistic through the end of the year.

Gifts: for the Jewish holidays, for Christmas, for the hostess with the mostess and everything in between.

Decor: For your dinner parties and for the spots in your home that could use a change. 

Wellness Products

Gua Sha Facial Tool

Photo taken from Amazon's website

Here are a few of the many reasons why you need a gua sha facial took:

– Promotes blood circulation

– Improves fine lines and wrinkles

– Promotes lymphatic drainage

– Relieves tension from muscles

Hyaluronic Collagen Face Mask

Photo taken from Amazon’s website

For as little as $11.95, you can expect your skin to feel hydrated and plumped. This Hyaluronic Acid Collagen masks attracts moisture to the skin, reduces signs of aging (e.g., crows feet, rough skin, fine lines) and creates softer skin texture. 

Aromatherapy Diffuser

Photo taken from Amazon’s website

Aromatherapy diffusers have many benefits, a few being:

– Helps you to relax.

– Makes you feel calm.

– Improves clarity and focus.

– Boosts your mood.

– Reduces the appearance of redness.

– Can ease aching joints.

– Helps clear airways for easier breathing.
(Homesick, 2021)

Vitamin D3

Photo taken from Amazon’s website
Vitamin D3 offers the following health benefits: it is known to help strengthen bones and muscles, boost immunity, increase mood, aid in weight loss, and improve heart function. (Very Well Health, 2021)


Diptyque Candles

Photo taken from Amazon’s website

I’ve never met someone who doesn’t love candles – hence why this is under the gifts section.

Bartender Kit

Because we could alway use a drink, or two, or three!

OUAI Chill Pills

Photo taken from Amazon’s website

For the best bath time experience, you must invest in these bad boys.

Godiva Chocolate Gift Box

Photo taken from Amazon’s website

The perfect gift for chocolate lovers!

Centrifugal Juicer

Photo taken from Amazon’s website

For our peeps who love wellness, staying healthy, maintaining a balanced diet, and a freshly squeezed OJ as soon as they wake up!


Bora Bora Bungalow Fragrance Diffuser

Photo taken from Verishop's website

Uninterrupted deliciousness all day long when you have one of these laying around!

Butterfly Dogwood Platter

Photo taken from Verishop's website

The prettiest way to present your food? With a platter.

Gold Bee Honey Jar with Dipper

Photo taken from Verishop's website

Your new favorite way to enjoy honey.

Pop Art Vase

Photo taken from Verishop's website

Because you’re different from the average, duh!

Dappled Large Oval Platter

Photo taken from Verishop's website

The perfect statement piece your table needs.

Cairn Candles

Photo taken from Verishop's website

A non-basic and unique candle is hard to come by! 

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