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Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Fairest of them All?

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Have you ever actually thought about how important it is that we see our own self-reflection? Whether you’re taking a glance before you head out or have a mirror in every corner just in case you miss a glance, you still rely on a mirror’s reflection every day! Why? Well, there isn’t one clear answer because there are multiple factors that come into play. To go back in time, mirrors have been associated with narcissism since the very beginning. Is it because our reflection gives us a sense of self? Or because our reflection allows us to change our perspective? Can seeing our reflection play a role in how we socialize? Or is it our society of unrealistic beauty standards that has us sitting in front of the mirror, self-comparing all day? Maybe it’s a combination of everything… but if you ask me, I think our society is most to blame. For as long as I could remember, mirrors have been a crucial part of my everyday life and the amount of time I spend in front of one grows as I grow.

Why mirrors are far more important today than they were back then – in my own words

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Writing this blog post prompted me to take a look around my house and count the number of mirrors I have. 15. That is an absurd amount! You’re probably wondering how in the world I could fit 15 mirrors in a New York City apartment and that is exactly why mirrors play a different role today than they did back then. No, the mirrors are not all full length, in fact only two of them are. It’s the small mirrors for me… the ones that really help you see every last flaw. The vanity mirrors, the make-up mirrors, the pull out mirrors, the pocket mirrors, this is where it gets unhealthy! If no one else is going to see you in this extraordinary bright light, why are you so fixated on that small pimple? And don’t even get me started with how it’s now seen as “trendy” to have a vanity mirror, make up mirror, or just a stylish full-length mirror. Because doing your skin care routine is just impossible in a regular mirror, right? Hmmm, or is that just another social norm we’re fed?

…But don’t get it twisted

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I am not hating on mirrors, I am absolutely obsessed with mirrors. I just think that like with everything else, you need to have a healthy relationship with the mirror. Staring at yourself in these bright lights all day is definitely not healthy. But if you’re getting ready to go somewhere, making use of all your mirrors is totally cool! And mirrors also play a huge roll in home décor. Because there are so many styles, colors, patterns, lengths, heights, etc., a mirror can be the main character in the room or the perfect side piece. Additionally, mirrors are known to make a space feel brighter and larger. Now let’s talk about things we should consider when purchasing our next mirror.

Placement / reflection

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Where are you going to place your mirror? And what will your mirror face once it’s placed there? Do you want your mirror to reflect your wall or your couch? Is there a window in this room? Would placing it across from the window change the vibe in the room? What is the height of the window? What is your height? How high on the wall do you want the mirror to be placed? How big do you want the mirror to be? How small do you want it to be? Ask yourself these questions when purchasing your next mirror.


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Modern, rustic, edgy, mid-century, classic…your options are limitless so think wisely. Additionally, mirrors have an effect on the room they are placed in, creating a particular vibe or mood. The best way to show you what a mirror can do is through photos. Therefore, I have listed many different styles below to hopefully inspire you for picking your next mirror.


Photo taken from @sevilson on Pinterest

Pond Mirror – $179

Photo taken from Coming Soon on Pinterest

Iris Mirror – $1950

Photo taken from @Dezeen on Pinterest

Dezeen Website **I don’t think this mirror is for sale but still wanted to put it on here to give you inspo**

Photo taken from Architectural Digest on Pinterest / Photography by Nicole Cohen / Courtesy of Raquel Cayre

Ettore Sottsass Perplex and Pink Neon Lamp “Ultrafragola” Italian Mirror – $11,023

Photo taken from @Etsy on Pinterest

Wood wall mirror – $359

Photo taken from @Etsy on Pinterest

Acrylic Dripping Mirror 59cm x 77cm – $106.07

Photo taken from @Etsy on Pinterest

Unique Mirror – $389

Photo taken from @UrbanOutfitters on Pinterest

Yvette LED Floor Mirror – $429

Photo taken from @Amara on Pinterest

Xeria Hands Mirror – Gold – $39.20 (on sale now)

Photo taken from @Allmodern on Pinterest

Forbes accent mirror – $93

Photo taken from @notonthehighstreet on Pinterest

Gold framed octogonal mirror – $44.13

Photo taken from @Target on Pinterest

Set of 3 Dima Round Decorative Wall Mirrors Brass – Umbra – $40

Photo taken from @UrbanOutfitters on Pinterest

Simple wood mirror – $199

Photo taken from @heals on Pinterest

Fine Edge Mirror Arch Floor Mirror – $582 (on sale now)

woman in front of vanity mirror
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A Vanity Mirror Affair – Prices vary (multiple mirrors)

Photo taken from @Anthropologie on Pinterest

Anthropologie Mirrors – Prices vary

Photo taken from West Elm Website

Metal Frame 72″ Floor Mirror – $499
More West Elm Mirrors – Prices Vary

Photo taken from Amazon Website

Backlit Mirror Round 32 inch Bathroom Vanity Mirror – $219.99
More Amazon Mirrors – Prices vary

Photo taken from CB2 Website

Clooney antique round mirror 48″ – $699
More CB2 Mirrors – Prices Vary

Photo taken from Wayfair Website

Ashalina Panel Wall Beveled Mirror – $129
More Wayfair Mirrors – Prices vary

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