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Ok ok, now for one of my favorite subjects, DRUM ROLL!!!! Let’s talk about the best room in any home, the kitchen! Because you will probably spend most of your time in this space, you’ll want to be sure that you design your kitchen exactly the way you like so you never get tired of it! Let’s not forget though that designing a kitchen takes time and research but like a birdie once told me, the best things in life are worth waiting for. Because there are so many different ways and styles to design a kitchen, I have decided that instead of overwhelming you with all the kitchen styles that exist, I’ll just stick to one style for today, Modern! Because images can never be overwhelming, I was not shy in attaching a bunch to help you decide the vibe you’re going for. 

To start, let’s consider some important modern kitchen facts:


The most important factor in a modern kitchen or in any kitchen for that matter is the space. The space depends on absolutely everything such as the arrangement of the island, cabinets, counters, colors, lighting, walls, etc. So, before you get all these wonderful ideas in your head and get all excited about them, make sure you have allocated time to know the exact amount of space you have to build your dream kitchen.


To pick the best flooring material for your particular taste, there are few important things you must consider. Although we’re so quick to jump to the appearance and color, we must not forget about the maintenance and the longevity of the material. If you plan to hire a designer, these are all topics of conversation you should be having. Some popular materials people choose for visual appearance are concrete, stone, and wood. 


People tend to leave this one for last but lighting is actually another very important factor because you need to be able to see what you are cutting and cooking, duh! What I really mean is that some areas in the kitchen are going to need more light than others. But let’s not get it twisted, installing lighting is not the only way to get light! If you want an alternative or just some extra light, you can always build a glass window to bring in some nice natural light.


What goes hand in hand with lighting? Color! Know why? Because if you choose the right color, the light will reflect better against it! In order to best reflect the light, I would recommend lighter/softer colors, whites, nudes, and creams. But besides that, the color you choose for your kitchen says a lot about you and your taste/aesthetic. The good and bad thing about color is the endless selection! Thankfully though, there are so many websites that have been created to help you pick your perfect color. I’ve attached my favorite one here. 


Aaaaaaand what you’ve all been waiting for, the kitchen cabinets! The cabinets are an essential part to your dream modern kitchen. With various cabinet options to choose from such as: storage, custom, frameless, shelve, etc., making sure you pick the right ones are absolutely vital! They will not only change the appearance of your kitchen, but make or break the storage space as well. For picking the best and most visually appealing cabinets, I would consider the size, color, design, and material. Do they slide smoothly? Does the cabinet open easily? Are the hinges adjustable? Additionally, I would consider where the best place to put the cabinets are. You want to make sure that they are easily accessible to all the cooking pans, appliances, utensils, plates, etc., that you may need.

Modern Kitchen Island Inspo

L Shaped

Pro: large and allow for great storage space.
Con: Can take up a lot of your kitchen space.

U Shaped

Pro: Most accommodating in terms functionality and space. Want to chop up tonight’s dinner while your partner works at the other end of the counter? No problem!
Con: Size. It could feel like a burden to go from one end to the other. It’s a personal choice for sure.


Pro: Maximize storage space due to having no curves and making appliances most easily accessible. Simple but efficient.
Con: Sometimes seen as boring, and won’t necessarily “wow” you.


Pro: Major visual appeal and plenty of room!
Cons: Because your counter is at an angle, it will make your prep and storage space less efficient.

Modern Kitchen Countertop Materials

Quartz Countertops

Pros: attractive appearance, low maintenance, durable
Cons: very pricy

Granite Countertops

Pros: heat and stain resistant, sustainable, under mount sinks, durable
Cons: very pricy, prone to cracking, requires sealing

Wood Countertops

Pros: appearance, variety of wood options, recycled/recyclable
Cons: requires sealing, water damage, scratch and dent issues

Stainless Steel Countertops

Pros: durable, resilient, appearance, cannot burn or rust, metal is recyclable
Cons: scratches, dents, low maintenance yet high maintenance

Glass Countertops

Pros: versatile, available in wide varieties of styles, colors, and textures, durable, heat resistant, low maintenance, eco-friendly
Cons: not immune to damage, sharp or heavy objects can crack, chip, or dent the surface, costly to repair if repairable, high installation cost 

Concrete Countertops

Pros: highly functional, appearance, durable, cracks can be fixed, you can have any shade you desire with pigment
Cons: can crack, susceptible to stains and scratches, very pricy, medium level of maintenance 

Soapstone Countertops

Pros: appearance, sanitary, durable, easy to clean, avoid scratches and chips
Cons: It wears unevenly which requires oiling every few months dependent on color, expensive, needs to be maintained, has a funny feel

Travertine Countertops

Pros: appearance, great at reflecting light, reasonably priced in comparison to granite and other kinds of marble, eco-friendly, can be purchased as slabs or tiles 
Cons: easily react to acids, not for heavy cookers, need to be resealed every 2-3 years, can end up with bacteria growth due to liquid absorption, not heat resistant, easy to scratch 

Tile Countertops

Pros: appearance, variety, easier to replace one tile than entire slab, can be reasonably priced
Cons: susceptible to stains and bacteria, not the most durable

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