Round, Square, Glass, Marble, and Lift Top Coffee Table Ideas

A coffee table is easily one of the most important/functional pieces of furniture in your living room. Not only are they visually appealing but they also hold beverages, food, remote controls, books, candles, picture frames, your feet, flowers, etc. People tend to think that picking a coffee table is an easy process because it’s easy to pick off appearance. But focusing only on appearance is not always your best bet, functionally. There are many things you need to take into consideration when purchasing a coffee table which I will address directly below. Additionally, because there are so many styles and materials of coffee tables, I’ve decided to focus this blog post on only round, square, glass, marble, and lift top coffee tables. I will continue to make blog posts about other styles of coffee tables, but I’ve decided to separate them so that I don’t overwhelm you with too much information.  🙂

Things to consider when buying a coffee table: 


Depending on the size of the room, a general tip when buying a coffee table is making sure that the table is anywhere from 14-18 inches (or 2/3rd’s length of your sofa) away from the other furniture in that space. If the space is very large, you can accommodate two coffee tables but that is a personal choice.  


If you’re having trouble picking a shape, just think about the space you’re putting the table in, and the furniture you have in that space. Do you want the table to mirror the shape of the furniture (e.g., a circular couch and a circular coffee table?) Or do you want the table to be the opposite of the furniture (e.g., a circular couch and square coffee table?) Depending on the size of the space, there are benefits to each shape. If you have a tighter space, then a circular table might make things more easily accessible. If you have a bigger space, a square table can be great for bringing together the furniture/the extra space in the room. If you have a huge space, a rectangle shaped table might be your best bet. This shape will not only unify the room but also create a tremendous amount of space to put things on. 


The material is important because it can make the table more functional and it is a reflection of the vibe you are going for in that room. Glass does a great job at making the room seem more spacious and less cluttered. Wood is good for holding serious weight and damage. Marble can give the room a modern feel as well as a great appearance. And the list goes on…. But let’s get to the point so you can make your decision/purchase. 

Styling the table  

Though this is the last step listed, it is not the least important. If you plan on putting a ton of stuff on your coffee table, then you must be mindful of the material you pick, as not every material will sustain heavy weight. Therefore, when picking a coffee table, it is important to consider how you want to style your table and what you want to style it with. That way, you can pick the most functional table. 

Round coffee table

As I mentioned above, a round table is the most functional in a small space. Round tables take up little space and make room for books, food, drinks, flowers, etc. Additionally, if you have children, a round table is a safer bet because round tables don’t have sharp edges or corners. Round tables are also flexible and can be placed anywhere in the room, whereas a square or rectangular table might look weird if not placed in the center of the room.  

Etsy Round Teak Root Coffee Table, Coffee Table, Teak Root Glass Top Coffee Table, Unique Coffee Table, Root Coffee Table, Driftwood – $1309.50

West elm starburst coffee table – $474.05

West elm Mid-Century Art Display 34″ Round Coffee Table & 2 Side Tables Set – $899.65-947

Square coffee table

Square coffee tables are great for space. They give you plenty of room to put anything you’d like on them, or to host a small dinner party with your friends. 

All modern victor coffee table – $653 (on sale now)

All modern slice coffee table – $890

All modern Ranchester Coffee Table – $740 (on sale now)

Glass coffee table

Glass coffee tables are great for many reasons. First and foremost, they are low maintenance since they are extremely easy to clean. Second, glass is great for creating an illusion of space. The transparency can make the space feel bigger and less cluttered. Additionally, when exposed to sunlight, the glass looks especially appealing and shimmery. Glass is also very simple so it gives you the opportunity to go hard with styling if that’s what you like. Finally, glass is environmentally friendly! So, if you or your family member has a lot of allergies, glass is a material you should consider.

Ritz Glass Set of 2 Coffee Tables – $243.98

Mineral Coffee Table in Bianco Curia – $1615

Wayfair Tauranac Extendable Floor Shelf Coffee Table with Storage – $689.99 (on sale now)

Marble coffee table

Marble coffee tables might be the most visually appealing tables yet, or maybe that’s just my opinion. Anyways, marble is a great material because it’s durable and can sustain weight. Marble tops are also available in a variety of colors AND are environmentally friendly.

Plinth Table Low in Various Colors – $2599

Estremista Console Table – $4015

Center Table Jean in Marble – $1770.50

Italian Marble Coffee Table – $4450

Lift top coffee table

Lift top coffee tables are known to be the most functional and versatile of all styles of coffee tables. Whether you’re using the table to work or to eat on, there is plenty of storage room to store pens, utensils, computers, remotes, etc. Some lift top tables even come with drawers!  

Ny coffee table – $960

White&Natural Rectangular Coffee Table with Drawer Lift-Top Hidden Storage Accent Table – $259

Wayfair Lift-Top Lift Top Coffee Table – $235.99

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